Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thai Exhibition, Faber, Shopaholic and Us :D

My Saturday has been busy. Right after the gym, I had to rush home and prepare for our excursion.

When I arrived home, Olga was already prepared and was ready to leave. I had to hop and run from everywhere the house as people were waiting. I had to wash my face again and do some personal hygiene. Olga was outside of the flat and waiting for me to finish putting my shoes on. I was then bugged of whether I had to bring my sling bag or not and also I had to decide if I bring my digital cam or not. But, I find it to sometimes try something else. I decided not to bring any of those trip stuff. Olga needs to purchase a top-up on her EZLink so we need to pass-by at the nearest 7/11. We went there first then we waited a bus bound for Orchard because we were going to the Thailand Embassy. It was a short trip and after 20 minutes, we arrived at the embassy. Were greeted with a different crowd and it was exciting. The atmosphere is very light. Since it's a Thai exhibition, what better way to experience it is through their food. Thai food is really flavorful. After the food trip, we roam around as there were stalls selling some goodies from Thailand. Then there was this program and we sort of watched it for a few minutes of our time. Just to give you an idea, it was already 6:30PM and the band wasn't that great so we decided to go to our next stop, Mt. Faber. Mamul, Olga and I wanted to witness the observation of Singapore for the Earth Hour. My small contribution was turning off every machine in the office including the main switch. Well, I have been doing this but just the cpu and monitor and last Friday, before I left the office, I switched everything off. If I am not forgotten, our manager decided to turn off our servers to contribute to this event. We rode a bus from Orchard going to Dhoby Ghout station and from Dhoby Ghout to Vivo City. Since I have drank a bottle of Thai tea and a Thai coconut juice, I had to go to the comfort room like twice. Then, we went to the bus station going to Mt. Faber. We arrived there at around 7:30Pm and the Earth Hour would start at 8PM. We looked for a nice view and there it was the view from a top. It was Singapore at night. We were taking some photos and was very eager to witness the moment when the lights are going to be turned off for this event. Mamul prepared her camera to take a video. When the clock struck 8, it was the moment of truth and there you go, all the lights did not went off. I think there only a couple of buildings froma far which had their lights off. It was that amazing. I was not expecting that of Singapore because it is well perceived that Singapore is nature friendly and stuff. Anyway, I can't help but compare it to the Philippines as the first Asian country to join the Earth Hour. Based on my experience last year, Makati, Pasay and Taguig joined the rest of the world in his event. There was a moment stop of activities for an hour and some of the big malls obeserved and joined this effort. Anyway, there not that much to expect in their so we decided to go back to Vivo to have our dinner. On our way, I saw this bridge on top and I suggested that we go there. So we went back from our previous trail and headed for this bridge. And well, it was a nice place. I think the night helped it. And the cam whores never ceased to take the opportunity to strike a pose. Hehehehe. After that, it was really time to get dinner. We were planning to have something Italian but we did not know where to go so we just decided to just really go to Vivo. It wa a long walk and a long wait and we could not find a bus for ourselves. We then decided to go to the opposite bus stop and there, we found which bus number to take. We arrived at Vivo at around 9:30 PM. We went to Marche but it's overly expensive and so we decided to go to Food Republic which houses food stalls which are delectable as well. I ordered grilled fish same as what the girls did except that they have spaghetti on it and I have rice. I ordered lime juice but it tasted weird and thank goodness, Olga was kind enough to share her bottle of water. We had a this fun chat about going to places we've never been and stuff. I told Mamul about this couch surfer which a friend of mine shared the info to me last Friday. Food Republic has to close already so we kind of decided to watch a movie. We needed a relief from all the busy days. We went to the cinema and we decided to watch "The Confessions of a Shopaholic". Since the movie time will be at 12:10AM, we decided to just walk around first and we decided to look for a Starbucks. Olga ordered one for herself and I am not a coffee lover anymore so we just joined her. We then talk and talk as always and it was fun. It was getting 12 already and Olga had to finish her coffee. After that, we proceeded to the movie house at the 3rd floor of the mall. The movie is a funny one and I must admit, I have those moments that I wanted to also splurge but not the one portrayed in the movie where it feels like they were sick and needs treatment. I believe we were not observing movie etiquette as we were having some huge laugh. Too bad for them and too good for us, as we enjoyed it especially the dance moves of Rebecca. I don't want to go on details of the movie and just watch it yourself guys to have a different kind of laugh. It was getting late already and Mamul couldn't get a bus already. So we decided to go to our flat with Mamul. When we arrived at Holland Ville, we thought that we were very tired but not yet. The two girls checked this blog and they were laughing and laughing again. I myself have read that blog and it's a really fun blog. I just stayed some few minutes and then I prepared for bed.

That was it, and I woke up at around 12 noon because my stomach was knocking of hunger.

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