Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopaholic minutes

I think the title of this post should be "Shopaholic hours". Hehehehe.

Yesterday, I again woke up too late for breakfast as it was already 11 AM and I was hungry. There was still spam from last night so I only had to cook rice. While doing that, I had a chat session with my friends from the Philippines. My stomach went berserk and I needed to feed him. I ate and ate. Geez, it was a big breakfast done in lunch time.

After that, I had to just relax in bed:)

I have not visited the gym for 5 days because I was so busy at work. I felt I needed to flex my muscle and get back to my cardio as well. So, I went to FF. I spent two hours in the gym. I got home after the gym and immediately prepared for my next activity.

I went to Orchard to send money to my loved ones in the Philippines. I then went to POSB Takashimaya to open another account for my personal savings. After that, the splurging of bucks started. We have been planning for a great summer so I was thinking of buying a pair of trunks. I ended up purchasing one at Speedo. It was a battle if I'd go for Arena or Speedo. But the Speedo trunks won because it fitted me well. I now am ready for the getaway and Bintan, be ready for us too in the nearest future:) I then realized that I have not been buying anything for myself for the past month. Weeeeehhh so I ended up scouting shops at Takashimaya. I went to Guess and bought a new pair of jeans and a belt. I had a hard time which one should fit me well and good thing the clerk was pretty helpful. The fit was great but I had an issue with the jeans I have chosen because it was too long and I told the clerk about it. He then said that they can trim it for me without charge. I was too glad to hear that. I was not finished yet because I was looking for long sleeves and polo shirts. I went to Giordano to try one and liked it so I bought it. I then proceeded to Lee Cooper and bought a polo shirt. It was very tiring after walking in and about Takashimaya and Isetan. I got so hungry because it was already 8PM and I decided to go to Food Republic. I would have bought another pair of shoes but I was able to successfully stopped myself. Wahahahaha. The price tag of this small therapy is 450SGD. This is my first time to actually shop this much.

When I got home, I also changed my bed sheets. I love the color of the sky that's kissing calm sea in the horizon. So I chose the blue colored sheet from IKEA with a circular pattern.

Oh! I will get my pair of jeans on Wednesday and I am excited to see how they are. This is so superficial of me but I couldn't help it. I myself needs to feel a bit extravagant.

End of shopaholic hours.

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