Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Sunday I had and my Lucky Friday the thirteen.

Well it has been a blast for this week. There were just too many things going on in just a week. Can you imagine?

Last Sunday was the final day for us. I mean it was the day to leave the Ghi Moh flat. There was a bit of tension. It was really really bit scary for a fact that the agent we hired kept on telling us that the agent of the flat's owner is or will be taking some legal actions. That night, there was a confrontation and with out her knowledge, we recorded the conversation. The thing is, we were able to entrap her into blurting the words that the flat is not an approved HDB and that we told her that we felt cheated and fooled by her. We argued that she should have informed us early on, prior to renting the flat. It was a little tough but I was able to control myself not to say insulting or demeaning words other than telling her how I or we felt. Anyway, she as a bit shaky when we had that conversation and it was like there were five of us or rather four of us versus her in that tensioned conversation. After it was over, we part ways and we proceeded to our new unit in Holland Ville. Then we had dinner.

The next day, Monday that was, I was a little bit scared already as to what is the status of my employment. Basically it's the third month of my probation in the company. I felt that my efforts were not enough and I felt that I have not given everything so there it was. I would honestly pray to God that I will be regularized and that I would not think too much about it. When Thursday came, Olga told me that she has been regularized already. And so I was a bit panicky of my status. I will be able to know my status actually on Friday or on Monday. Friday came and I was like planning to ask or not about my status, or should I wait until Monday. The night came, and my manager and project lead talked to me. I was a bit scared when my project manager called me up over the phone. Well he talked to me about a confidential matter but it was not about my job status. After the talk, I just continued the task that I was doing. Even if the current project I have seemed to be still on the rocks. At around 7PM, my project lead called me up and asked me if I can spare like 10 minutes of my time. I told him yes but he noticed that I was into something so he just said that he will wait for me to finish what I was doing. In actuality, my head was running around and it was like too much. I had already the feeling that it's going to be my status that we are going to talk about. When I finished my email, I informed my project lead that it's okay to have the meeting. So we went to the conference room. He then asked me about the status of my tasks. The target dates. The things to do and more. Basically I was having a hard time explaining everything. By the way, my project leader is Chinese but he can speak in English and so it was okay to talk to him. He then asked me about how many months since I started, and I told him that it has been 3 months and officially this March 16. So it was the moment of truth. He asked me if how I was or what do I think about my performance. I told him that it's not great and I told him that I need to learn more. He then said that I have to be more confident. Well he then told me that they have regularized me. I was happy to know that they are regularizing me. Yehey! I was even amazed that they have appreciated my being so independent and dedicated to my work and that I was willing to learn and I am also a fast learner. He even noted that they like what I was doing. Well at the back of my mind I was wondering how they'd like it because to be honest with you all, I have not submitted my work just yet. Even so, I was wowed that they saw the attitude. Compared to my previous company that failed to see that. I was so happy, period. My project lead then asked me what can I say. I told him that I am happy that I am regularized and that they have given me a chance and opportunity to work with them. I also thank them for trusting me. Then he said that it's not them that regularized me and that it was because of me. So I was even happy to hear that. After that, Olga was actually waiting for me already as we were going home. We were actually planning to watch a movie entitled, "Race to witch mountain", but we decided not to watch it because I don't like watching it alone as well. So we decided to head for Holland Village for a simple dinner. We rode the 91 bus and arrived at Holland Village after 10 minutes or so. We then checked out every restos. There was a crowd but wasn't flooding. Anyway, we ended up at Thai Express. The food was a bit expensive as it costed 3 times more than that of hawkers. I had a full dinner so not bad for the price. I just did not like their mango smoothy because I get to compare it with the sweet mangoes in the Philippines which are of premium quality. In Japan, Philippine mango would be a money drainer. I actually missed the Philippine mangoes and sad to note that no Singapore supermarket is importing them. Anyway, after the dinner Olga and I went home and we were just walking. My feet got so tired but it was okay as I was still very happy. Imagine after that intense Sunday, Friday the thirteen came with full of great fun. Thank God :)

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