Friday, November 7, 2008

Barack Obama wins, so what's the score?

I was not really that much of an election frenzied as I am situated away from the USA, nor an American. But think about this. USA is such a huge and powerful country. It's decision can make or break the world into rubbles. It's power is vast. Why should I not give a damn?

I myself have likened the speeches of Obama and it moves me specially when I was attentively listening and watching over them at where else?! The moment he stands there on the stage, firm and full of conviction, until he closes his harangue, it's just so full of strength and rage for change. His messages to the millions of Americans and to the world watching, were really effectively delivered. His gestures and his facials were totally convincing. But, what's the score now that he has won the first leg of the race?

Well, he has managed to win the nods of the majority. He deserves to be there as I see it. To those opposed, let us give him a chance to do what he has got to do. I think in a scoring from one to ten, he has already a point - securing the seat in the White House that is. He has still a long way to go and prove himself with what he has had in his harangues. Every American and anyone who are in dire need of change can support him. The call is to support and put aside the bickering and political issues.

So what's the score? As I have said, it's a point. What about you? Do you have already a score for yourself?


wen said...

Yup. I agree, he still has a long way to go to prove himself... He deserves the win, with all his merits and his willful speeches, but that's just the first step in a politician's life. What matters most for the people (and for the world, since he's the US President) is not the actions and words before the election, but after it. :) I hope he'll do well - he seems fit for the job... :)

James A Nichols said...

I think he's got a lot to do on the outset, such as try and put bandaids on the economy! I would hope that the early issues will keep him busy enough to stay away from his democratic way for a while. Then maybe when he starts those ways, raising taxes, going pro choice, banning guns, people will see him for what he is then, and come next election, a MUCH better republican can emerge and tell us he'll promise REAL CHANGE!

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