Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I was late , my boss was checking on me, and I am getting broke

It was a Monday and the log-in system that we have was updated. Basically my name or my log-in credentials were already deleted. I have to write my name on a piece of paper to record my log-in and log-out.

My routine would start for a stand up meeting with the team mates, basically reporting the progress that we have. The load that I have was a little lighter because of the fact that I have resolved the issue when I went to the office last Saturday and I was not surprised that more tasks were assigned to me. New JIRA or program defect or enhancements were given. Basically the routine boring Monday passed by and I was having some financial crisis. I am joining the US and some European countries of the crisis. You see my company won't be giving my salary for November because of my resignation and I will be receiving it on the third week from the last day with the company including my quit claims and other refundable claims. Anyway, I am broke. I know I am not alone on this and I am hoping that I can lend cash from my relatives or friends or from my insurance or a personal loan from a bank. Hope it will be approved sooner too.

Today, I woke up early but then was really slow at moving, and literally I was dragging myself. I don't know, little by little as I am nearing my resignation day, I felt bored and not wanting to go to the office. One thing for sure was I am having no motivation already of the workload I have, plus the fact that I won't be getting my salary any sooner. Good thing I have still food supplies so for sure I won't be experiencing Africa's famine in Makati. Just as I was preparing already to the office, my phone rang and our company's receptionist was on the other line asking if where was I already. He was asking if I am on my way. All I could do was say yes.

Anyway, two issues came in my tasks and I am still figuring out things. All of these issues were not an original work of mine and most of them were not finished, and they were assigned to me to be finished by me. I am already on the brink of telling my boss what I feel and how I think. He is still lucky that I have changed because when I was still younger, I always voice out my opinion and I was really blunt to the point of being tactless. Anyway, my patience is still there and I think I can still manage to pull this off so I'd rather go on and take this as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Bye for now because I am hungry already. Hehehehe. Have a great evening to everyone!

P.S. I am so excited to work in Singapore, and I am hoping that everything will be in its right place.


Sara said...

I wish I was working in Singapore! I'm going to live vicariously through you!

xgenesis007 said...

That sounds cool!
Thanks for dropping by sara :)

Wen said...

hehehe I'd probably act and feel the same towards my soon-to-be ex-job, and ex-company, if i were in your shoes. :D