Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good-bye JIRA issues - hurray !

I just solved three major fixes for the JIRA assigned to me, hurray!

I was lucky enough to have found a solution to these issues which are sort of critical to the project's release. Though things were tough, I just pushed myself and do some overtime work/research to finish it on time. Again, free of charge. Overtime is inevitable I guess if you are working in software engineering but, I think better schedules would make a difference.

But I have some few, I guess, wandering thoughts like, I am just wondering when will I turn over the tasks I am doing. Will my boss give me new tasks aside from the tasks I am working? Basically these critical tasks were assigned to me just last week. I actually have one critical task which I am partially finished with and I am on the testing stage. I have updated my unit test for this tasks but still testing it on a live host if it behaves correctly.

Anyway I hope he won't be giving me more tasks to work on, so I can move on smoothly.

And oh, I got surprised when the HR staff from the company where I will be working in Singapore emailed me of my flight schedule. I am again so excited. What's ironic is that, I haven't purchased my ticket back to Cebu where my departure will be for my flight to Singapore. Silk Air is a sure fun and exciting because it will be my first ever to fly with it in international border.

God bless and many good things to come for everyone :) Ciao!

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