Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phoenix's Mission to Mars: a sad note ?

It's geekazoid time.

Well a friend of mine sent me a link regarding the Phoenix Mars Lander. It details about it's last transmission. Phoenix's message feels like he is human.

The Phoenix's mission is a history maker. For one, it has surveyed mars for months to gather scientific data and to ultimately see if Mars is livable. Another thing, it prides NASA and the scientific communities who have helped to make it possible. Data gathered from Phoenix is also an important aspect in this journey. I will give us some answers which could maybe well beyond our knowing. Right now the data is still being analyzed and of course I am excited to also read about it.

To the "Super Cali Fragi Listic Expi Ali Docious" Phoenix, thanks to you too.

To see the write up where it also has some tweeter notes from Phoenix, just visit this link:


Anonymous said...

Hi gentotzz,

how's my friend ko lang nabasa ang mga blogs mo...medyo now lang din ako lumuwag ng konti sa schedule...I'm happy for you at sa mga happenings sa life mo..(well, u really deserve to have a highest paid job..with the way u handle things...i knew for sure, u've made the right decision...)basta stay humble as u are...have more patience...and enjoy life...that's the real purpose y God gave it to us...saan ka man marating gen, i'm just 1 buzz away from you...(dito na ko ng comment kase eto latest blog mo..heheh)
bye for now...mwav u.

i'm just here at the corner of ur laptop...jam

xgenesis007 said...

Waaaaahhhh I am so touch hehehehe. We all have our own dreams and aspirations and I am hoping you'll achieve yours or if you have it already, make the best out of it.

Is this Ms Emilyn T aka Gamay?

xgenesis007 said...

Wahahahah jam mura gyud ka ug si emilyn tanan wahahhaha ... hoist i have sent na your bracelet via lbc.