Friday, June 19, 2009

Business Trip to France and UFO Catcher, again ?

My project lead buzzed me and since I was on my earphones, listening Jason Mraz's album, he went to my seat and called my attention. I then took out the earphones. He asked me if I have read the email and I simply replied, "No", to him. I then checked what was on the email.

The email said that my trip to France has been cancelled and according to the scripts, it will be moved on some other date. The trip was actually scheduled three weeks ago and my flight would be this coming Sunday, 21st of June. I felt a bit relieved. I did not know who to talk to other than my project lead. I told him that it's okay. He just said that we have prepared a lot already. I told him that it's fine with me. So my project lead just went to his seat.

I still do not know what to do so I sent a message to Jax about the cancellation. I would have told Agnes first but her status on her messenger was away. I then sent the message to Jax. He then called me if I was just joking or something else. I told him I was not joking.

Instead of going to the gym after the office hours, I went to church and just thank God and entrusted to Him the things I have no control over with. I went with Jax at a church in Bukit Timah. After that we ate dinner at Chua Cho Kang. This time we did not play UFO Catcher but instead just watched people playing. We hop from one machine to another. We actually saw the lady who we saw the last time we were there. She even recognized Jax and had a bit of fun talk with her. She was actually holding a stitch stuff toy which she won.
Jax and I were in control as we were not able to play UFO Catcher at that time. But wait, we have actually planned to go to Yishun to play there.... hehehehe.

Anyway, we arrived home a bit late as Chua Chu Kang is a bit far. I was at peace already and that fear and excitement all wrapped into one, in going to France was gone. But it was not totally cancelled so I will still be sent there probably next month. By that time, I will be more prepared, hopefully.

Tomorrow is a weeked and there lots and lots of things to do. It's a super blessing in disguise as my friends from the Manila and Cebu Philippines will be coming here in Singapore for a vacation. I'm actually glad that my business trip was cancelled as I will be able to join Gemalto's team building. Hehehehe. Thank God you are so kind to me... hehehehe.... Hmmm see you my great friends these coming few days :)


Ariel said...


i love ufo catching too! :)
do u happen to know where i can catch sanrio toys like my melody and hello kitty?

do drop me a mail at if u are free!


xgenesis007 said...

i'm not really sure but you can try iluma because they house i guess the most number of ufo catchers there. but if i happen to see them in a specific location, i will inform you.

thanks for dropping by ariel :)