Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation to Cebu, why not?

How much do I have to put-up of trying to re-assure myself that I do not miss home?

I am actually planning to have a vacation to the Philippines. Sad to say, I need to find a good schedule and a nice timing for that. Somehow, I still am connected with my friends from the Philippines. In fact, yesterday, a friend of mine from Cebu has arrived in SG to work.... Is Singapore the new land of milk and honey?

Well lots and lots of "pasalubong" - translated as gifts, from Olga will be about to go to my belly. She has some sort a bit of flu though but not the media hyped swine flu.

Another great thing was, my best friend MJ had a card for me and a pooch stuff. A great smile was painted on my face while reading it :) Grrrr I need to fly to Cebu now! Hehehehe.

Speaking of swine flu, I heard from a friend that in the Philippines, the infection has gone high but then there's not even one reported fatality, which is a good thing. I have never heard of any fatality here in SG as well but based on the news yesterday, three newly reported cases where because of local transmission of the virus.

Hoping the vaccine is on its way. Hoping that my sooner vacation to Cebu will be realized. I have to really save and save more thus, I'll have to start growing money-trees.


Cashmere said...

I would love to go to Cebu too..
Saw loads of pictures and they look pretty amazing.. Maybe one day I will be able to go there for a vacation myself.. :)

Anyway, thank you for dropping by my blog and for your concern.. I appreciate it.. :)

Ailurophile said...

I hope you enjoy this vacation and have a great time there. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Have a great week :)

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks guys for dropping by. You're right Cashmere about Cebu. It is a really nice place and you will love it there :) Isn't it ironic why I am here in SG ? hehehehe.

Have a great week to the both of you guys.

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi There!

How great to be able to spend more time with family and friends again! Hope you have another wonderful time! :-)

Happy Friendship Friday!! We'd love for you to stop by and meet our friend, Victoria, and answer today's friendship question.

See you there! :-)

Many Blessings....
Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve