Friday, June 12, 2009

UFO Catcher at Lot One

Believe it or Not! Yes, my friend Jason and Analyn checked on me while I was in the office doing some software validation. It was like 7PM which was the right time for me to go somewhere. Indeed, the call to apply the knowledge in UFO Catcher machines has gone to an unstoppable queue of my itinerary of the night. I dropped the idea of going to Suntec City for the IT Show and did not go with Olga to the airport.

When the clock struck sharp 7PM, I hurriedly locked my PC and turned off my flatscreen monitor. I said good bye to my officemates and off I went to Choa Chu Kang. The mall called @Lot 1 Mall has these unrigged UFO Catchers. I was in a hurry so I went to the bus stop just in from of the company. I was there waiting and di not see the Bus 91 so I checked for the company bus. It was there parking and some Gemalto employees were beginning to camp already. I decided to ride the company bus. Note that it was raining a bit so I wished that it would stop somehow. I made a phone call to Jason, checking them where were they. They were already in the mall. Excited that I was, I couldn't hide the feeling to already jump off the bus. Heheheh just kidding... just to get to any of the UFO Catchers. The company bus arrived at the Buona Vista Station after 7-10 minutes I guess and I hurriedly went my way up to ride the train. Just few minutes of waiting, the train arrived and I get inside the train so quick. It was a 20 minute ride going to Choa Chu Kang Station. When I arrived at the station, I made another call to Jason. They were waiting for me at the food court already... I could not deny the fact that I was hungry as bear so I made no protestation as the UFO Catcher machines won't run :D.

I went to food junction was it and there I saw Jason and company. I saw Michelle a friend from Cebu and one of their friend. Analyn was with them also. I can see in her face that excitement so we did not waste any time and ordered our food for dinner. We ordered he same food and that is roasted chicken rice. I was satisfied with the food I ate but then my mind was focused on playing those UFO Catchers. After some photo snaps, we moved to our main goal and that is to play. We need to go one floor up and off we went. We tried our first try on the UFO Catcher and failed. Analyn gave a try on the penguin stuff and failed. She then try a bit more and tada she won it. I tried the machines at the back and lost 5 SGD. I had no more coins so I had my 10SGD changed into coins. I then saw these huge Stitch toys. I dropped the first coin and nothing happened. A tried another one and still nothing happened as it only moved the toy a few millimeters. I did not give up and on the fifth try I won a Stitch stuff toy on that UFO Catcher machine at the far left side. I still have 5SGD and try again but lost my 3 Singapore dollars. Jason gave a try but lost. Analyn gave a try and lost. I only have 2 Singapore Dollars left and the Stitch stuff toy on that UFO Catcher is so near the hole and I gave my all. With that last penny, I won my second Stitch toy.

We went out of the mall with smiles in our face and really had a bit of fun... We were not over yet as we were still talking about what happened while we were going out of the mall and while going for the train ride home. We were not over of this UFO Catcher stuff as we are going to hit Bugis some other time or even the very far Yishun on the red line.

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Karen said...

hahahaha nakaka adik un ha ahaha good thing you won!!Congrats!!hehheh