Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UFO Catcher at East Coast Park

Last weekend, my housemates and I went to East Coast Park. It was the first Saturday of June. The itineraries would be biking, bowling and having dinner. There's no fun if there's no blooper. In fact, we rode bus number 48 to East Coast and we were kind of lost because we were not able to stop at our destination. So we decided to stop at the terminal and then got a cab going to the East Coast Park B I think where the most conspicuous mark would be McDonalds. Anyway, we rented an overnight bike for ourselves. We rode from one end to the other. There were too many people out there all coming in different ages, color and size?

Anyway, the highlight of our trip was playing at this UFO catcher machine. The first try was a lucky one because we won an elmo stuff toy. The next succeeding tries brought home like 10 very cute stitch stuff toys.

I think we were hooked already of the game simply because we have never tried this one when we were in the Philippines. In fact, my housemates are actually searching at Youtube for all the tutorials on techniques of playing this machine, and I will be checking them out myself.

My coming home to the Philippines will have to be spent at any big mall in Cebu playing UFO Catcher machine. Come to think of it, in Singapore it's worth 1SGD which is 30 PHP and in the Philippines, one token would cost 6PHP. Just do the math :)


Karen said...

hahaha that is so much fun...lilo is so cute :D

G.Kannan said...

Wow, quite interesting and funny indeed. A couple of my friends who are not bloggers are amazed about many of your posts.