Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UFO Catcher Tips

I'm not over yet with UFO Catchers. In fact, the link which my friend told me about was there on youtube and so the most logical thing for me to do was see the video myself. She is a Japanese lady who I think lives and breathes with UFO Catchers.

To those who are very much eager to learn UFO Catcher strategies, this is a better watch :

This UFO Catcher is designed from Japan so it might be totally different with the ones designed in America. Actually, I so happened to see the machines in the US where in it is doomed to fail for a certain number of tries like 10 tries. Doomed to fail here would mean that the catcher grip is so loose that it would be impossible for the player to pick the toys. But then, after that specific number of tries, by the eleventh count the grip becomes tight and with the right skill, one can abduct those adorable toys.

The one at East Coast Park was of a Japanese design. That was the reason we got so many toys. It so happened that we were able to discover some few tricks of our own which actually is close to what the video from above has shown. We actually tried the UFO Catcher at Plaza Singapura and they were a bit rigged. You can't make a full control of the UFO Catcher as there were like an inch or two long stoppers at every edge of the levers - too bad.

My friend will be actually checking the UFO Catchers in IMM or in Centerpoint, malls in Jurong East and Boonlay respectively. We are also planning to check-out the machines in Vivo City. I might have another post regarding these machines if we can give them a good try, probably this weekend :)


Karen said...

i have this game on my old phone before...i got hooked for awhile but this one you get to really take home stuff which is awesome!

Good Luck ;))

Cashmere said...

Very interesting... I may want to try this out myself..

xgenesis007 said...

Oh great to hear from you Cashmere. Yep, have a try at East Coast Park and also the one in Choa Chu Kang at Lot One Mall.