Sunday, April 12, 2009

Side A Concert in Singapore

Just want to share with you guys that Side A, one of the more prominent band in from the Philippines came to Singapore for a concert and my friends and I went and had some fun.

Yesterday, we had a sleep over at Mamul's house and there was this crazy karaoke session. It was a lot of fun and there were sneaky videos taken. I believe it would be worth a million youtube views. It was really late when everyone went to sleep.

Waaaaaahhh going to the main event. Since we were at Mamul's den from faraway Punggol, we had to take a cab going to our units at Holland Village to prepare for the concert. The concert would start at 3PM and we had to be there on time. We arrived at Holland around 12 noon which was quite fine. I was hungry so I ate my 3 days expired Gardenia as I was really hungry. I can't drink my medicine as well with an empty stomach so I have to eat at least two slices of bread.

I was the first one to go for a shower but I though that I need to do some laundry which I did. Then I went to the shower on rush. Agnes a friend from Beijing arrived at our flat. I was about to go to my room and saw here sitting on Olga's bed. There door was actually open and it was just beside ours. Anyway I hurried to my room and telling Olga that it's her turn to do some shower. I had to iron my polo shirt since everything in the cabinet were just a bit crumpled. I have this guess jeans which I have used from the weekday so I need not to get a new pair. Everything matched perfectly and I was ready to go. Agnes was playing facebook's farming game in Olga's laptop and Christian also came to our flat around that time. Olga was done with ironing her top shirt and was already wrapping up her meal as well. When everything got ready, we head to our next destination which is Pasir Ris - a place located at the very end of Singapore's MRT system in Green Line. It was almost an hour of train ride and I had actually a nap because I felt a bit tired. When we arrived at Pasir Ris, it was 2:45 already and we need to take a bus going to the venue which was at D'Marquee. We just got on time actually but the queue in going inside the concert venue is packed but not flooded. There was this huge line and the flow of people was not too fast because you need to sign up for a raffle entry. Well after 10 minutes of waiting from the queue we were able to get inside and we bought VIP seat which was not that expensive because it was only 44SGD per ticket. We were at the center, exactly at Row F which was pretty close from the stage. The program hasn't started as some crew were sort of preparing some final touches for the concert. After some program announcement basically sponsor advertisements, there was a group who played familiar songs. They have good voice quality but I don't even know these people but the thing is we were entertained. After the men's band, there was this group called "In Heat", which I don't know why, performing some nice productions. They have good voices as well and we enjoyed their dance moves. After the teasers, there was this promotion from the sponsors and organizers and there were two raffle draws. To our surprise, Agnes, Olga and I won the raffle which is LBC's one year free remittance charge. A really fun and surprising happening on that concert. Too bad we did not get the ipods. Hehehehe. After that, it was the moment of truth, it was Side A's turn to warm the house. With their first opening song, the crowd went uproar. The crowd were clapping and howling? Did I say howling? You bet, everyone was very much excited. The audience would most of the time sing along with Side A's lead vocalist named Joey. He is really talented. The one you hear in their album is also the same and exact person with that cool, raspy voice in live performance. There were moments that we would stand and clap and also stomp at the beat of their performance. The audience simply liked them. At the later part of the concert, the VIP crowd I mean most of them were standing and went to the front of the stage already but of course no one can get to the stage at all because of the fence placed in front. Everyone would really sing and seemed to be a Side A cult already. We were just in our place clapping and also singing and jumping but never joined the crowd in front. Anyway the performance ended with their one of the greatest hit, the song entitled, Forevermore. I would say it was fun and a WOW concert. In fact after the concert, we were drained and hungry so we decided to go to IKEA Tampines to have our dinner.



Cashmere said...

I've never heard of them and I didn't even know they came.. I know Rivermaya though.. ;P

Cashmere said...

Oh btw, new layout huh? Cleaner and very easy on the eyes..Nice~ ;)

K a R E N said...

That's so cool! *envies* i haven't experience going to any big concerts even local bands in p.i., it sucks huhuhu

xgenesis007 said...

Oh I think Side A didn't really promote themselves around Asia so maybe that's the reason why.

Really, you knew the Rivermaya? Hehehe! Cool they are a great band as well.

xgenesis007 said...


Yep Side A is really a great band so if they have a concert, try to grab a ticket :) I would recommend a VIP seat.

K a R E N said...

I'm poor...hahaha though i can be contented just watching them on tv or youtube. but seeing them live would be awesome...Someday!