Monday, April 20, 2009

Zara versus Savings ?

I shop at Zara again. I promised myself to buy a new jacket three weeks ago and since I already received my salary, it's a good thing to buy it I thought but for real I did buy it. It was a bit expensive for a jacket but I loved the cloth, the feel and fit on me looks good too. I have two old jackets which I brought from the Philippines. They are still functional but looked so old already. The first jacket I have is already 4 years old and the other one is 1 year old.

Anyway, I was thinking if I should be guilty or just be happy with it. I don't know exactly. Maybe the pressure to save made it a bit discomforting. I have already opened up a fixed deposit savings account here in Singapore and it's in my second month already. I have also provided some financial support or assistance to my family. So what else can I do with this sum? I thought of buying again for myself. Hehehehe.

Rationale is, as long as you can afford and it is still within the boundaries of your finances then go ahead and spend something that will make you feel good or will give you a bit of satisfaction.

Thanks Olga-san for making me decide better. I love the new jacket and I think I won't feel cold in the office with this one.


The Muse said...

Will we get to see you in your new coat/jacket? :)

Cashmere said...

You really like Zara don't you? You kept shopping there.. LOL! ;P

xgenesis007 said...

@@The Muse - Maybe? Yep if I wear it in the near future and take some photo :)

xgenesis007 said...

@@Cashmere - Yes, I think I am liking Zara. Hehehehe. I also like to checkout Giordano and sometimes Guess.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome gen :D it's a pleasure to go shopping with you. so when's the next time?

- olga

xgenesis007 said...

Maybe next payday ? But I don't know what to buy next so I think it goes to my savings :D