Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks Mul for the blueberry cheese cake.

It was raining at around 3PM and I could not get my ass out of my bed. I could not even stretch my legs as I was on top of my bed sitting indulgently while surfing and chatting with MJ and Tere. After like three hours of creating a life in the internet, I decided it's about time to take a good bath. At 5PM, The sky was still crying and the surrounding was in a silent gloom which created a bit of nostalgia. I have not taken any picture from atop. We are actually at the 20th floor so I thought that I can take a picture of this crazy rain.

After that minute activity, I then went on taking my bath. Once finished, I checked my mobile and there three messages and it was from Mamul. Olga was in their place and they were planning to have a karaoke. It was so hard to resist. I had a battle in my head and it's a dilemma of some sort. Anyway, I was hungry as the breakfast I had was during lunch time, so I ate obviously which was a left over from lunch. I was still in a dilemma but then decided not to go to the faraway Punggol. It was getting 8PM and it would be really far from our place. I was actually ready to go but changed my mind. Errrrr.

So I went to Vivo City just to do some window shopping which was what I have planned initially for the day. I was successful at it because I was not able to buy anything. Yeah, I was able to control myself - my impulsive self. I was like walking around the mall checking every shop. When the clock struck at 10PM, I decided to go home. I can feel my feet were screaming already so that was a buzzer.

The ride from Vivo to Outram Park interchange was a bit relaxed but from Outram to Buona Vista was like hellish. It was so packed like a can or sardines. Good thing I got used to the smell in the train which was really very annoying during my first few weeks of stay in Singapore. Anyway, I was pasted on a corner near the train door and having my head as the only body part that can move. Well that's including I guess my eyes, lips and tongue and other internal organs. Hehehehe. The train ride was fast and it took me around 10-15 minutes to arrive at Buona Vista, which was a great thing for I can breath fresher air. I was just walking towards our flat and I had to passby NTUC which made me realized that I had to buy a liter of carrot juice or apple fruit juice. I went to the store and hurriedly went to the fruit juice section - I don't exactly know how's this section called. Anyway I grabbed a liter of apple fruit juice as I have been having carrot juice for almost two months. I noticed that I was the only customer lurking in the supermarket so I immediately went to the cashier thinking that they were already closing. I did not bother to check other things which is the normal me, like checking other things which are not part of list of groceries to buy. Anyway I paid the purchase I made and just walk away. Then I realized that I did not bring the item. I think I have made three or four steps just when I went back and the cashier was about to call me. So I just thank her anyway for that. It was a blooper - buying something which you will just leave at the store.

At last I arrived to our flat safe and sound but my tummy was already hungry. I then remembered that I still have that blueberry cheesecake. I placed the apple fruit juice inside the ref and looked for that blueberry cheese cake and found it inside the chiller. I was wishing that it's not spoiled because the cake was purchased last March 30. I took the picture of this mini cake before it will be swallowed and be digested by my hungered tummy. I was smelling it just to check it's putrid or anything. I then had a bite. It's yummy and it tasted good. Waaaaaahhh thanks Mul for that cake. I got to eat almost half of the cake and then I tasted something which was not normal for this cake. I do not want to be part of the statistics of those who got poisoned so I decided not to finish the cake and just throw it away.

Anyway, half of the cake already satisfied me. I think I should next time eat the food I stock in the ref early on to avoid wastage and never ever stock too much :) Actually, I had other realization like I need to go back to my old hobby which is reading good literature. I think I'm going to start checking one book out for a dose of good literature to fuel my other self - the one who loves to read and discover other realms.

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