Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello World, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie is Here

Well, I'm so so excited for this new movie installment of this J.K. Rowling's creation. Almost all of the us muggles, would actually know about Harry Potter and all his adventures at Hogwarts, so I would not want to detail about his life for I may fail Ms. Rowling or Potter himself, miserably.

I have actually bought the books and have read them religiously. I even bought the CDs of the movies. Up until now, the wallpaper of my primitive K700i Sony Ericsson phone is from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", which I got in year 2005 and which I have been using over and over again. Waaaahhhh true blooded HP fanatic:P

Anyway, I am writing about Harry Potter because of this movie which is really coming soon. I bet everyone will be packed and geared with their wands and cats or owls or even rats? Ewwww... - going to the cinemas to see this movie. I hope I can win a ticket for a world premier in London or wherever will this premier be held.

I am so excited how the actors will give life to this great literature and how the movie itself would give justice to the story. Hope they won't do some chopping and make a new story out of it. But for the past HP movies, most of them were crafted to really capture the original storyline but ofcourse they were not perfect.

Anyway, thanks to youtube again for I can share this link with you guys. Hope we see each other in the movie premier or we won't because we will be wearing our
individual cloaks.

Okay, Warner Brothers should be giving me free gifts for this free advertisement and that being said, you may want to visit the official HP movie site : From the site, you will find some HP online adventures.


Anonymous said...

Well, confession time..I have yet to read any of her books or to see any of the films...!
Can you believe it?
Oh goodness me!
The Muse! :)

xgenesis007 said...

wooh really? well you better grab some HP books and image your way to the adventures of Harr together with his loyal friends.

The Muse said...

LOL...yes, I guess it is about high time to do just that!

xgenesis007 said...

Too bad I don't have some audio books or pdf copies. I actually have the paper back editions for HP 1-6 and the glossy hardbound for the 7th book :)

The most beautiful thing about this book is that, it's won't keep you lagging of what's gonna happen. At some point you will be puzzled which will keep you guessing and make you want to read further and then you'll soon find it out just on the right time - just enough not to make you crazy wondering what the author wants to really tell the reader. If you've got wild imagination then you can somehow try to picture things out the places and the adventures the characters are in. It's really fun reading it.

In fact I miss the books and I wish my dad can send it here in SG but it would be very expensive. Sigh .... Hehehehe.

Happy reading though the one and only "The Muse".