Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoga at Fitness First

I was out at the office by 7PM and went straight ahead to Fitness First. But before going to the gym, I dropped by at Starbucks to buy a sandwich. I had few bites to it while going my way to FF and when I got to the FF located at the 23rd floor of the building. I presented my ID and then got my towels and then I got a glass of iced tea as a quencher. I then proceeded to the mens locker room and got my own locker. I changed clothes. I then walk out of the locker room. It so happened that I passed by the Yoga studio and I met Rika, an officemate, who will be attending the Yoga session. We exchanged few words. When I proceeded to the free weights section, I saw three of my team mates waving their hands and calling me in. They were inside the Yoga studio. So, I went inside the studio and ask if it's difficult to follow and asking more if I can even do their Yoga tricks? Hehehehe. Audi told me that it's just easy and all I have to do is just listen and follow the instructor. So I was a bit excited already. It's going to be my first time to join the Yoga class.

Things started with this breathing technique while sitting on your legs' tendons (I don't know what they call the position) with hands placed on top of your lap. It was like a controlled breathing and finding your balance and letting go of those tensions in the body. Relaxing the mind, focusing your thoughts to your breathing and finding the center of your balance while in a sitting stance. It was actually quite easy but it was just the start. When things went on, the positions and movement went a bit difficult. The instructor went to my place when I was doing this sort of stretching wherein I was like putting my feet backwards and my two hands forward on the floor. She had to tell me to raise my butt backwards which I got with her very close assistance. It became difficult when we had to raise one leg pussing backward. Somehow I was able to get the right position but on the stretching part where we had to place our one leg forward slightly bent to our chest and the other leg backward fully stretched, that proved difficult. There was this other position wherein we wee lying on the mat folding our legs inward hugging our knees and we needed to like assimilate a rocking chair. It was also difficult and I even had a few chuckles. I even heard some farting but I thought it was just the cracking of the bones or ligaments of some sort.

Anyway, I was liking Yoga already because it made me feel very relaxed after the session. So that was my very first ever Yoga experience at Fitness First after a 4-month long membership with them. I still have 8 months for my 1 year membership with them so it's a long way to learning the basics.


Cashmere said...

Yoga? Hmm... Never tried it before..
I do see them making some awkward positions and all.. and I can't imagine doing those myself.. lol! ;D

xgenesis007 said...

Oh you can try it yourself Cashmere :) It's really great after the session and all the tensions in the body would go away. I actually had a bit of difficulty but it will take me sometime to get used to it. The instructor would actually tell you if the position is okay or not and she would also tell you what position should a beginner can do.

shabnam sultan said...

I do yoga but not regularly.It is better to learn first with the help of an instructor and then practice it.

Nepali keti said...

Hi ! it's very nice so much cute

xgenesis007 said...

@ shabnam sultan - Thanks for the tips shabnam sultan :)

@ Nepali keti - Thanks for appreciating.