Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dempsey Hill, a new cloud 9

WOW the place is really cool.

It's actually Cyt's birthday bash for us? Hmmm Cyt actually treated us for her birthday. After the office woes, everyone was in a mini discussion as to where to meet at that night. Well we come from the same office so it should not be an issue. We just rode the company bus going to Buona Vista station and waited for around 15 minutes for other friends.

We got two cabs. There was a blooper at that time. Not minding if there was a passenger, an officemate just went on to the front seat, just close to the driver and comfortably suit himself. When we went to the back seat, we were surprised that there was a passenger there and we have to knock on the glass window to signal our friend to go out of the cab. Good thing the driver and the passenger did not freak out.

Our officemates got a cab for themselves and we have to wait another few minutes because of that incident, but we got one just on time. There was another blooper. Ahihi. The driver was not familiar where Dempsey Hill and he just knew where Dempsey Road. So we just told him that it should be close in that place. So we called our friend and asked. Following her instructions, we arrived to our destination sound and safe.

Our stop was in Dome. It's a cozy restaurant and the food is great. We had fun taking some pictures. I actually did not bring my digital camera but the good thing is, three of my officemates brought theirs so it was all the more a fun experience. I so loved the seafood pasta they have. The smell of the herb and the fresh tomato paste used just made it really sumptuous. After our special dinner, we waited outside for an officemate has to go ahead with his fiancee. Everyone was still so giddy about the night's affair and we decided to eat something sweet. We were in the right place whereelse but ofcourse at Dempsey Hill, a new cloud 9. At the opposite side, there was this edgy ice cream delights parlor. If you guys haven't been to one, try out Ben and Jerry's. They have this nice concept of a chill-out place. Since the place was packed, we had to wait for five minutes to get a table for six people. After we got a place to bask we suit ourselves and immediately went to the counter to check their delights. I got a Belgian waffle with two scoops of chocolate ice cream with macadamia nuts in chocolate hot fudge. I have a sweet tooth that is and chocolates are one of my weaknesses. I had to give in and I couldn't resist. I just reasoned that I will have to really go to the gym the next day. I had to wait for the order as it will be served after 10 minutes. The price tag of that order was a hefty 17SGD. It's okay but my expectations were raised. The order has to arrive on time and it should be delightful or simply gastronomic. While waiting, there was this live band and it the music they were playing was kind of cool too. Well 10 minutes has almost passed and my order just came. The first taste of the order was heavenly. Yum-yum! I uber like it. I do really have to go to the gym for what I savoured. Anyway, I got heavier after that dessert and when the band had finished their part one performance, we decided to call it a night.

Thanks Cyt for that great dinner at Dome. Hope I can get some pictures of that special night; maybe tomorrow in the office. Cioa!


Cashmere said...

Sluuurrrp...... Your Belgian waffle with ice-cream sounds so delicious.. :) Can't wait to see your pics!

xgenesis007 said...

Hmmm.. I check with my officemates and they have not uploaded any of the photos. I'm still waiting for them. But I would personally recommend that you try it at Ben and Jerry's.

xgenesis007 said...

Yesterday, I have posted the photo of that tasty ice cream :)