Thursday, April 9, 2009

A new pair of Zara

Wahahaha! In this times of crisis I am so extravagant.

Anyway, I have counted my savings and it's pretty fine to spend for myself. The last pair I had was bought third quarter last year. I still like them but sometimes they looked boring already which for some reason I haven't have any clues. Should I know these reasons ? I was actually planning to buy a new pair like two weeks ago. Everytime I went out and passed by the malls at Orchard, Singapore, I would surely visit some shops and checkout some shoes. Yeah, the new pair is shoes. Last Monday, I was conquered and went to buy a new pair of shoes from Zara.

Am I so extravagant? Maybe yes and maybe not :P It was just a treat for myself. Anyway I am a little happy with my new pair :)

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