Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swine Flu is in Singapore

As I have said, it is not impossible for Singapore to have this virus. Singapore is one of the centers of commerce in Asia and thus lots and lots of peoples are coming in and out of this tiny country.

The first case was reported today, from which a Singaporean student who had a vacation of some sort from New York. Here's the thing, the student did not have any fever upon arriving at the airport but when the student had some flu symptoms, that was the time the student went to a doctor and recommended the student to be admitted to Singapore's center of disease control (I don't know what's the complete name of the medical center though). It was confirmed and verified that the student came positive of the swine flu.

This is a bit alarming because Singapore could sometimes be crowded. The authorities are doing their best to contain the spread but who knows? The victim might have spread the virus already. The authorities were able to track the other passengers from the plane but what about the officers in the immigration who would check the passports? What if that student rode a taxi and has infected the driver and that driver would in a way infect the next passengers. What if the victim went to a public transportation like the MRT or bus prior to checking a medical doctor?

This is really harsh. I think we need not to get overly paranoid. But I think I am a bit paranoid. I had my friend from the Philippines purchased some masks for me when I purchased at Guardian and they did not have stocks already. Instead of being so paranoid (I need to help convince myself), we need to be more informed. According to the write-up lately, the virus is not that deadly if detected early. Another way would be to avoid too crowded places. Oh my burning of cash would be lessen which can be a good thing also. Take lots and lots of immuno-boosters like fruits and vegetables and some supplements. That should help up a bit but still, we can never tell.

Actually my home country which is the Philippines had it's reported and confirmed case last week and good thing the girl who came from California was quarantined immediately after arriving to one of the busiest international airport in the country.

The authorities are doing their best and hope the public would cooperate as well, so no worries. And next month, a potent vaccine will be available to the public and by that time, the viral infection would be curbed and ultimately put to a stop. Hopefully, it will.

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