Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu in Japan - What about my vacation?

It's too harsh ... really bad out there.

I have wanted to visit Japan this coming July and will begin to process my Japan visa. Right now, with the spread of Swine flu virus in Japan, I am totally backing out my plan.

Last weekend, there was like less than five confirmed cases of infection for which they are Japanese citizens who came from California, USA. They ware immediately quarantined and were given the extensive medical attention. But then, out of nowhere, a high school student was infected at Kobe I believe and from there, the virus has spread. This kid has not had any travels to any country so the only cause might be that someone infected him. Since the virus' symptoms would surface on the second or third day, then he could have transmitted the disease. Right now, in the yahoo news the infection has skyrocketed to 178 and all of which are confirmed cases. Sigh....

I think I will have to postpone my vacation to Japan. It is so bad of a timing. In fact, my friend who will be with me has booked her ticket already. Well good for me, I have not booked my ticket yet as I would like to get a visa first, next week as planned by the both of us.

When I asked her about the trip, she told me that she is still going to Japan this July. Well, it was her decision but I advised her that she should not visit Kobe or Osaka - where the infection right now is; because the plan that we had was like we're going to go to Osaka, Nagasaki, and Tokyo. Tokyo is fine but it's very populous I mean one infection can spread sporadically and chances are, it will spread there eventually. Though the Japanese central government has taken measures but we can't really control everything.

Anyway, it was a bit sad to tell my friend that I won't be going. I really love to see Japan live and raw with all its exquisite culinary, arts, advanced megalopolis in terms of technology and most of all its culture. Sigh again:)

Japan won't go away so I think I will be having future trips there at the right time.

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Cashmere said...

It's like the next SARS.. sigh! My vacations are affected too.. I'm really hoping that this whole chaos will die down soon..