Friday, May 29, 2009

Philippine senate looks really stupid

I don't know what's in the mind of these few senators acting clean but it's pretty obvious even if I were to be blinded (hope not).

Actually, next year would be the national elections and politicians are looking for some hot news they can use to ride the tides of the issues and make it as their ticket to greater power. One such case is the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili scandal. Sen. Bong Revilla in his words was very harsh and very judgemental. Another senator Jamby Madrigal was echoing with her protestation over the media about women's rights. I don't know who else in the senate who did these blowing up of proportions. I hate to see them on TV airing their opinions when in fact there are tons, more pressing issues in the country, and deserving issues that needs to be addressed. I simply do not like their way of getting attention and using the issue to have an appeal for the next election. I believe they could better serve the country by having the scandal be judged in a proper court which does actual and legal battles. We have the DSWD which is a department that protects women and why can't they appoint someone from that office to proceed the case. We have the Human Rights Commission which looks into any form of violation to the human rights. My logical mind could not even digest the ideas of these senators who do not have enough background of the Philippine laws who are acting as lawyers. I can't buy their argument that they do it out of moral calls and out giving justice and making sure this kind of obscenity won't happen. I just did not like the motives of these power hungry officials. And there you go, the Filipino people who loves to see politics as part of show business and entertainment, directs their energy on this matter.

Well right now, I'd like to call the greater powers to put a stop into this ridiculous frenzy in the senate. They are becoming animals in the zoo with all their hullabaloos. I hope the proper departments would function and bring this case into a real court and not a court of falsehoods.

Stop, stop, and stop for the fourth time stop. They are just dragging down everyone with their stupid thinking.

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