Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adam and Kris are in for the finals of American Idols

Wow! These two talents made it to the finals, the uniquely talented Adam Lambert and the versatile Kris Allen. My guess was right that it's going to be Mr. Gokey whose gonna say good bye - sad but that was what America decided.

Adam did his breath-taking number that landed him to the finals. Kris Allen made a great number as well in his second song which saved his ass. Though the performance of Mr. Gokey was brilliant, he just had not enough fans to support him. But I still thought he will be out because his voice is similar to that of David Cook.

The two part finale which will be next week will be really exciting, I hope I won't be late because I was like 6 minutes late when I tuned in to American Idols, some few hours ago. Good thing I still saw Jordin Sparks perform.

Since it was Gokey's farewell, surely I would like to share this video of his Idol journey. And thanks again, to youtube for providing us with the videos.

Danny's rendition of the song, "You are so Beautiful". Enjoy guys :)

Well, for the top 2 contestants, may the best talent and the most deserving wins.


K a R E N said...

AW that's so sad, i didn't get to watch it last night coz i got busy with my template huhuhuuh but i did watch the opening...though i think it's going to be Adam, it's pretty obvious hehehe.

Oh btw, i got a tag for you...just visit my blog :D

xgenesis007 said...

Well my guess too is Adam but it's really difficult to tell because if we based it on singing and vocal dynamics it's gonna be still a bit difficult because Kris might have a very strong following....

The Muse said...

Sending you a hello and i am glad to hear all is musical in your world! :)