Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fried Kway Teow and Cactus in Holland Village

Instead of worrying much of the swine flu which ultimately be coming soon, because, I've seen on TV that it's in Malaysia already, I just want to appreciate other things life has to offer. My friend and I decided to eat out at a hawker in Holland village here in Singapore. Well, it's another Fried Kway Teow gastronomical feast. The "fried kway teow" has this flat rice noodles which I don't know what's the name exactly, some abalone, green mussel meat, and bean sprouts. The food was prepared with a bit of spiciness and was served hot. It really is a good foody trip, at least for me and my friend.

After we ate, we went checking some magazines on the other side of Holland and read around stuff. Good thing the uncle standing by was not hot tempered with us trying to seemingly sabbotage his business.

Since Jason had to buy some groceries and toiletries, we went to Guardian, a well known pharmacy. We then proceeded to Cold Storage and Jason bought some tissue wraps, a loaf of sliced high fiber wheat bread and other goods. While he was like busy buying stuff that he needed for the next days, I was also checking my way the store's display comparing prices at Fair Price. I ended up tired and looked for Jason and he was like near the counter already.

While waiting, I saw this display of potted plants and what caught my attention was this really cute cacti. I don't know but I like their green spiny but not dangerous pins around its round head. They are just cute in my eyes so I took a photo of it using my SE W705.

Jason finished all of his purchases so then, we walked our way home to our flat.

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