Sunday, May 17, 2009

Singapore is a Soccer nation

I was so amazed! Soccer in Singapore is much like to social yawning. How should I call it; social soccering?

When I went out last night together with my friend to eat at this hawker in Buona Vista, the people dining there had their eyes glues on the big screen. They were actually watching this soccer game. It was joined by all ages. It was fun looking at the crowd cheering for their own teams. It was much like basketball or boxing in the Philippines that people tend to gather just to watch the games.

I don't know who brought the soccer fanaticism in Singapore so I did my own research.

I found out that it started in the year 1892 upon the founding of Singapore Amateur Football Association. Wow it's over a century already. The Singapore team was on the limelight when it won the HMS Malaya cup which I think had sparked people's interest on the game. In that game, they had also many victories against Euro teams. They did not account really if the Euro teams were for invitational but then the Singaporeans has embraced this game so much that the following has gone to its greater heights.

Well, I don't want to write all the history of it in full details so I'd like you to check this site for your self guys: .

Anyway, I find it cool to see people gathering at some place much like a hawker, a very public food place just to watch soccer. As a foreigner, it is pretty much interesting.

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