Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Charice Pempengco sings, "Note to God"

I am so moved and touched by her performance of the song, "Note to God". See it here guys :D

Now that you have watched it, how did you feel? For me, I was simply blown away. She is really amazing! I would have written something today about the performance of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen for the final two of the American Idol show, but I changed my mind when Olga told me about her latest video.

Hope you enjoyed Charice's video which was performed at Oprah's.


Anonymous said...

talent wise, lambert will win.

voters choice, it's kris.

Dont know really.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

i've seen charice video too. It was good...though i'm not a fan..hehe..i was also surprised that Chris is the new A.Idol, i know he's good but i'm not into his music (at the moment), i thought it would be Adam Lambert, but anyway, i'm a Gokey fan...hehe..

Karen said...

aw the video is no longer available...but anyway i've seen a peek on the news just last night...Gosh she has grown so much over the years...galing niya talaga!heehee

About the A.I. also i haven't watched the finale :( BUT i overheard from the BDO tellers here when we went this morning with my mom...hahaha they were like asking to this one person who won, when they heard Kris won they were like "OH GOod! coz i don't like Adam too over confident!" hunch was wrong argh!shame on me...though it's ok.

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks Karen for flagging me :)

Yeah Kris won the AI. It's okay he is talented but Adam is also talented. So it was just a matter of whose most likable :D But my first guess based on the singing and vocal dynamics it would have to been Adam.

Cashmere said...

Oprah really loves her doesn't she?? :)

Karen said...

waaaaaa flagging? what i have done? *bites nails*

xgenesis007 said...

wahahah it's nothing negative so no worries :)

Karen said...

oh there i go again...i'm interchanging words, it's either that or i'm missing some words pfft! hehe...*what have i done. lol there i straightened that out.

You got me worried there. What a relief. heehee

Good Night!

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Incredible voice!!

I remember seeing her for the first time on a PBS show singing Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" and I was literally stunned to hear such a BIG voice come out of this petite girl.

Thanks for sharing such a moving video.

Many Blessings....
Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve