Friday, May 1, 2009

No Naruto but I have colds

I am a regular of Naruto Manga and I am always eager to visit this site every Friday. Yesterday, when I arrived home I hurried to my laptop and got connected online and checked for the latest Naruto episode but there's none. Sigh :) It would have been an interesting feat as Naruto faces the true Pain. I think Naruto would not kill Pain. Waaahhhh! It bored me for like hours so I browsed facebook for hours too, and played some games.

Speaking of games, I am right now addicted to Sudoku in my SE W705. When I knew about Sudoku like ages ago, it did not interest me but then playing it in a mobile is different because I can do it faster. The categories are easy, average, difficult and evil. I tried easy then difficult and I was able to solve most of them but the evil one is really evil. Like last tuesday, I was on a bus ride and was playing Sudoku - evil category; I got so challenged and frustrated at the same time as I was down to the last four or five squares which ofcourse I couldn't solve. I stopped at this food stall to order "fries and fish" and while waiting I was still playing. After the order, I went to our flat which was just a walking distance and still found myself playing Sudoku while walking my way. Upon crossing the street and going to the building's elevator, I was still playing Sudoku. When I arrived in our flat, I stopped just to change prepare my fries and fish, but on the act of eating already, I couldn't help myself and so I grabbed my mobile and continues playing Sudoku. I did not bother to change clothes after dinner and I found myself still playing. It has to stop since I was so trapped already so I let the mobile solve it. If I have other time I will try the evil category again.

Anyhow, I have colds today. I slept like 4AM already today and woke up 11 AM. I think I need to change this sleeping habit which is a bad one. I had bought grapes and four oranges. To help ease these colds, I ate the four oranges after I had breakfast and drank carrot juice. I need for juices and I don't have anything left in our fridge. I think I'll go out later to buy one just to have this colds go away. I did not go to Mexico or met someone from Mexico but I don't know so this is not Swine flu I guess. I think I'll get a bed rest to feel better.


K a R E N said...

Hehe games can be so addicting but now im more addicted to other applications on my phone.

xgenesis007 said...

Oh which phone app?