Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A doze of Galactica

It finished with a bang, quite mesmerized and little quizzical on my part. My marathon for BattleStar Galactica season 3 ended yesterday, and currently watching season 4.

Kara Thrace was supposedly dead already like for four months, but at the end part of the season, she showed up. It was the time when the four of the final five Cylons were revealed. It was also the time that Lee Adama resigned from being a CAG and went on to serve the civilian government of President Roslin. Well, Roslin's cancer went back. Dr Gaius Baltar who was on a trial for a crime against humanity was acquitted and he is now leading a religious group that preaches monotheism, the belief in one true God. The Cylons on the other hand, are in great peril brought about by the move to not know the final five Cylons and for that they have vetoed to alter the intelligence of the radar. And so a great protestation from Leoben, Caprica 6 and Sharon Valerii forcing them to make the Cylon robots, more intelligent. The Cylons went on a blood bath. Kara Thrace went on a military mission to find earth based on her gut feeling, based on her pre-conceived destiny.

So many questions arise from these turn-out of events in BSG. I would like to entertain as to how will the four become, as humans or Cylons? Who is the last Cylon to be revealed? Will Kara's team onboard the Demetrious will ever find earth? What will happen of the Cylons who are discorded?

I would love to surf online and look for definitive answers on questions aforementioned but, it's still nice to go and discover them through watching the series. I am still in the office right now, damn work (fracking work hehehehe), waiting for the build. I'll sleep again super late to finish at least three forty-something minute episodes.



Stan said...

BSG is my absolute favorite show, I cannot wait for the next season to air.

xgenesis007 said...

Wow cool :D Yeah same here dying to see it too ....

xgenesis007 said...

By the way Stan who do you think will be fifth and last Cylon?