Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Internet Bull Fight

A new contender in the tough browser competition has emerged and it's the Google Chrome. Well, I have downloaded the application and installed it. It has some features that's unique in its own like, dragging a tab in your desktop, browser task manager etc. and some features were actually similar on what we have with Microsoft's IE 7 and the one from Mozilla. I don't have the metrics to actually judge which one is better in terms of reliability, stability and how secure the applications are, though. Another concern is that, we all know Internet Explorer has an advantage by the fact that it comes as a packaged software from Microsoft OSes and so it's always instant. Most users only cares that they can go online and you know do surf with whatever browser they have and in those cases they have the instant browser, IE. Now, Mozilla Firefox is there and putting a good competition by introducing it as secure, reliable, stable and stuff and for that Firefox has made a loyal following from those techies. What we have right now with the coming out of a new browser from Google is, will it go compete with IE or just hurt an ally which is Firefox? Now that's the question!

But you know what, I still feel that Firefox is for me. But to judge it yourself with what Google has, try downloading and using it: Google Chrome.

By the way, Google Chrome will be open source and so, you can gear up your thinking caps and download the source for some tinkering.

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xgenesis007 said...

Just this morning a friend of mine pointed me to these sites:
1.) http://lifehacker.com/5044668/beta-browser-speed-tests-which-is-fastest


These sites contains some Google Chrome features and a speed test.