Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I cleaned my room ...

I haven’t told you guys that last Saturday, August 30 of 2008, I actually cleaned my room. Yes I did. It was a plan long overdue already. Just by walking barefoot, you can feel that the dust is all over the place and when you try to touch the corners, you can feel the rugged terrain of dusts as well. Hehehehehe. Well I vacuumed the whole place. It got me ounces of sweat. Thanks to Miss Linda Walter for giving me that vacuum cleaner. She was an American officemate who stayed in the Philippines for sometime and when she left for the US, she had her things given away. Of course I got the vacuum cleaner through a draw-by-lot.

Anyway, after I cleaned my messy room, it was time for me to go out and have some fun. I took a bath then brought my laundry to the mat and went to SM Makati and Glorieta. At SM department store, I purchased a new fleece blanket. After that, I went back to Glorieta and purchased a brown leather Reebok bag. It was on 20% off sale so I did not had time to hesitate or battle it out if I’m going to buy it or not. I was actually planning to see a movie for myself that day, but, prior to that, I took my dinner at Red Ribbon. I so love their mango cake. Yum yum! After my dinner I then went to Glorieta Cinema to watch Wall*e and on my way, I took my chances in checking an album of Richard Poon at Tower Records. His genre is soul jazz I guess, sort of Michael Buble-ish. Well, I found his album and purchased one. Just when I’m about to pay the bill, I saw a BattleStar Galactica (BSG) mini series DVD, first season. Since I have a love for movies or series like Star Wars, Bablylon 5 and Star Trek - something high tech, sci-fi; I did not have to convince myself that much and so, I bought one. The cover was neat and the summary at the back of the casing was very interesting. Well my hands were full of what I have just purchased then. After all the purchasing stuff, I then went ahead to the theater and after an hour of waiting outside the theater, I went inside and suit myself on a chair at the farthest back row. There trailers and stuff and I enjoyed most of them.

At 10 o’clock PM, the movie started rolling. Well it was futuristic and really entertaining. In the movie, people became lazy and obese because, everything was provided to them. Like they did not have to walk or cook or prepare stuff. They don’t even have sports. They were just like riding on this flying comfy convertible chair which was like a high tech lazy boy. Wall*e on the other hand is an automobile robot that presses scrap and geometrically arranges them until it forms towers, and he was last kind. He was left there on earth for the last 700 years to do just the same thing every day. Wall*e by the way is an acronym which means, “Waste Allocator Load Lifter - Earth”. Basically the story evolves Wall*e’s affection for another robot of higher AI named Eva. When Eva’s mission was completed which was to look for a plant on earth, that’s when Eva was transported back to the mother ship and Wall*e simply jumped on the ship and rode with it. I never thought cockroaches would be that communicative with a robot. Anyway, it was a light movie and full of fun. I finished the movie with a smile on my face and went home at around 12 midnight already.

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