Friday, September 19, 2008

Mr. Song Li

If you ever received an email from Mr. Song Li, do not be fooled by this person. I received an email from this someone of such name and he was offering huge sum of money. I was doubtful of his motives. Who in the name of Bill Gates, would give such an amount to someone who you do not know or have seen? I searched his name online and it turned out to be a scam.

See Link : Mr. Song Li

Try to search his name online and it should yield lots of information about this scam.

Anyway, if someone emails you with a proposal of such kind, then just do a simple online search. If it is a spam in the first place, just delete it then.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, there are thousands of people on the Internet like Mr Song Li. It is not unusual to get 10-20 such mails a week with these kind of scams.
My bank manager told me that even worse, people actually believe these people and get their accounts blown out by them! On top of that these "poor souls"? don´t dare to report these scammers. Personally I would recommend anyone that gets hooked by them (by not guarding their private information) to take legal action

xgenesis007 said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this.

I wish I knew your name so I can address you better.

xgenesis007 said...

Well if the case was really serious then legal actions would be the best move.

On a lighter note, just don't entertain spam. :)