Tuesday, September 9, 2008

J2EE, dreadful?

I was like swimming in an ocean after looking for needles in a haystack. Yes! That was how I felt after taking an online J2EE Exam. It covers almost all J2EE API's and concepts in EJBs, JNDI, JCA, Servlets, JAXB, JAXP, XML and a gazillion of information. I was like singing a song doing vivace. I was like joggling a huge vase made of ivory. I was like eating live earthworms or German cockroach - gross! I felt feverish after the exam. There was an overheat in my head and my eyes were really tired. In spite of that, I learned a lot.

I think I need to do more technical reading. I need to familiarize the technical terms in J2EE, memorize them by heart and apply them in some mini projects. In short, always be prepared.

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