Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Warning: Contaminated Dairies from China

Be warned from dairy products imported from China because they might contain melamine, an organic substance found in plastics and resins. This substance will have a bad effect on health.

I was totally shocked of the news over a local channel, upon hearing that babies in China who were taking contaminated dairies were rushed to hospitals because of some kidney problems. You might want to google the keywords, "milk China melamine" for you to see. There were even deaths already reported because of the contamination. I found out that there were implicated dairy companies such as Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd and The Sanlu Group. When I searched about the Yili products, I knew what I saw and they were displayed, in one of the local supermarkets here in Makati Philippines and were on sale. If I am not mistaken that was like a month ago.

As I can recall, this was not the only issue about food safety or product quality from some irresponsible Chinese companies. I believe there were issues about toys containing poisonous chemicals and another one was with the pet foods for dogs and cats contaminated with melamine.

Anyway, what I have noticed is that, there was not any public warning coming from the government. I mean the sites that which I have linked above were very much specific on the companies and the product. Not unless those were just false claims which will nullify this write up. But guess what, it's better to be well informed so that we can act on things which we have control over like which products to buy.

I think food safety and quality should be addressed by our local governments, and not just the government but also the retailers - selling and importing these goods. These parties have a huge responsibility to us consumers.

For us consumers , we should be careful also of what products to purchase. It would be better to go for trusted brands and don't just buy products because they are cheap. And to be honest with you guys, I was getting a little paranoid already because of this. I always check the labels and where they come from. It might be unfair, but it seems there is a pattern of these products like where they come from. All I hope is that the proper authorities or government agencies concerned are doing their duties and their best effort in taking action on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Financial Greed leads to terrible deads, even in the industrialized Western World.
China is not the only country where industries are hiding true facts about additives or poisons that are harming or killing people during their everyday work, food intake or even medications.
But it does´nt really matter which Country, Industry or Corporate is behind these wrong doings. The fact that people, animals and our environment are being harmed is reason enough for people to stand-up for what is right and crave high moral behaviour in all actions.

xgenesis007 said...

You have very good point there.

But I would still want to see the government doing their jobs and protect their people.