Friday, September 12, 2008


Solemn shots of love
Strips of memoirs
News from heaven
Rays of the sun;
Days of fun
Hugs given
Smiles of flowers
Hope from a dove.

Murmurs of brooks
Knots to tie
War in the east
Cup of life
More evil and strife;
Rabbit and the beast
Honey and pie
Money for books.

Hate for tomorrow
Stench to blow
Breaking silence
Arguing mouths;
Eyes of sleuths
Spirited insolence
Held to grow
Escape from sorrow.

Bricks of fame
Mongerel's shadow
Abnormal happiness
Righteous indignation;
Outdoor action
Fear of emptiness
Heart's hollow
Only fair game.

Stabbed honesty
Wailing walls
Journey to oasis
Empty hands;
Cold bands
Face your nemesis
Happy strolls
Less blasphemy.

Marching eagles
Eyes of youth
Sleepy papers
View from afar;
Voided jar
Mushrooming scrapers
Arrayed booth
Heavy knuckles

Still waters
Monster feat
Golden touch
Souls bargained;
Joys harbored
Unlit torch
Scolded feet
Settled matters.

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