Thursday, September 18, 2008

Frustrated but I have Sarah Mclachlan

I was not blogging for like ages already as I see it, because I have been too busy with my work. A lot of rework for the current modules I am doing as the initial project plan was sort of scrapped but not totally though. Lots of coding and my head is swirling already. I'm thinking of whether its me or just the way the leads have planned. In my point of view they don't have a clear cut process. I was coding for example the CVS reader, retrieving static data for insurance shopping and booking and was done with it. It took me a day or two to finish the whole thing, but there was a change of plan to have an xml schema and xml instead. Waste of time for both parties.

Anyway they have paid me for wasting my time and theirs. But the stupid thing is they are rushing everyone on the team to burn our asses. How I wish the pay was like super big which includes payment for frustration and all the pushing around and stuff like that. I am not a robot you see. Well since I have watched BSG, I should shift gears and act like a Cylon so I can just switch-off some emotions that I have.

Anyway thanks to Sarah McLachlan for making things easier. Her songs are the tunes I'm listening while focusing on my work and forgetting almost anything around me. Her voice is so soothing, it fills the crevices of my soul. What a relief!

Tomorrow is another busy day. Good luck and God Bless to me and my mates. Hope I get more lessons and values out of this. Of course hope our leads will learn from this huge mistake they have done.

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