Friday, September 26, 2008

Are mothers naturally good?

Certainly I can not answer for you. I just thought that there are circumstances that makes a good or great mom or a worse one. I am entertaining the question over and over again this past few days. Though I have been having fun and does a lot of things to keep me busy, still there are idle times that I get to ask myself about this.

The sad truth is, my mom passed away already when I was in college. That was in 2002. I believe she was the greatest mom one can ever have. She always made sure we were safe and she provides almost all the comfort a mother can give for her children. Even when we were grown ups already, she never failed at understanding our childish mistakes.

Anyway, one thing that lead me to write about this, is because I watched a movie like two hours ago entitled, "Eagle Eye". It's a nice movie and filled with action. There were moments were I'd literally stop my breathing. Though I did not like the car hitting, racking, bumping and all that, I still liked the story. One of the act in this film was Michelle Monaghan, playing Rachel. Her character was a single mom and was thwarted to do things unimaginable, all for the love of her son. Rachel had to kill in order to save his son. And because of this, the question as to, "Are mothers naturally good?", was played back on my head.

I have answered the question for my mom but I still see some contrasting situations to others. Really, are mothers naturally good? Or let's take another approach. Are there bad mothers?

I have never asked that question to my mom though, but even so, what she showed us was unconditional love and it was the greatest answer to me. But I still think that the best people who can answer this question are our mothers themselves.


xgenesis007 said...

I think this is off-season-quest. But two weeks ago was my mom's birthday, so just give me a chance. I love you mama. :)

footiam said...

Maybe, mothers are naturally bad. They are bad to be good to their own children.

xgenesis007 said...

Hi footiam. Thanks for your opinion. I think that happens to others but I was glad my mom never had to do that.

Lotus Flower said...

Mothers are inherently nurturers and by nature, love unconditionally. There are very, very few moms who can't.

God made them that way.

I am sorry to know that your Mom has joined God in the great beyond. But, I can surmise that while she was still around, you didn't waste anytime showing her you loved her.

Most moms can live with just that -- love, affection, care, and respect all rolled into one.

I am sure you did her proud.

I am a Mom but far from perfect. But so are my children. It's how we handle each other's imperfections that make our relationship/s loving and productive. I am assuming here that they do love me:-) haha

Cheers to you!

xgenesis007 said...

Cheers to you too lotus flower and thanks for your sincere comment.

Hope everyone will have a caring and loving mom. Hope those who were left abandoned or abused will find love and caring hands from other people and feel at least that.

Have a nice day :)