Monday, September 8, 2008

A love that kills.

His name is Col. Tigh and married to a woman named Ellen.

In the third season, a twist of events arose. Dr. Gaius Baltar was elected president of the colonies and that the fleet came to find and established a New Caprica. They settled their and on the 4th month, the Cylons discovered them. Many civilians and some military men, who decided to settle in the New Caprica, were left by the Galactica fleet. The Cylons occupied the planet, as Dr. Baltar surrendered to the invaders. Many were held into detention in extreme conditions, and one of them was Col. Tigh. The only way for the colonel to get out of his jail was for his wife to go to a Cylon and sold herself. Her husband was released. After so many days of unrests from the human insurgents, they had established contact from the BattleStar. Colonel Tigh now leading the insurgents was planning for massive scale of bombings. The Cylons decided to create fear among the humans by rounding them up, arresting civilians believed to have one way or another helped the insurgents, detaining and enlisting them for a summary execution. The colonel and his team were able to gather the information leaked by an unknown civilian who had access to vital information from the now puppet president, Dr. Baltar. Ellen was still seeing this Cylon and at that time, Ellen was threatened that her husband will be detained again, and this time he will not just lose his eye, if she won’t give any information about the plans of the insurgents. On a meeting by the insurgents about the rescue mission, they had this map and when they had to dispose it, Ellen got the map from her husband and slip it on her dress and burnt a different paper. When the initial plan for the rescue mission took off, the insurgent who went to fetch the Galactica forces led by Sharon Agathon, a Cylon who took oath to side with the humans, they were ambushed. After the crossfire, an insurgent found the map which was used on the plan. They already had inkling, as to who leaked their information - it was Ellen. Colonel Tigh talked to his wife about it. They sat on a huge wooden box as Ellen explained to her husband why she had to do what she had to do while tears were running in her cheeks. She deeply noted that she was willing to do anything just to save him, anything.... After the discourse, Col. Tigh gave Ellen a drink. She collapsed and was not breathing anymore. Colonel Tigh uttered the words, "I love you", to Ellen and wept.

This narrative was from the BSG season 3 episodes 1-4. I was left in tears at that very moment where Ellen and Colonel Tigh talked things out. I so loved it! The series wasn't just a sci-fi. It shows the human vulnerabilities, human will and spirit, it questions morality and it provokes the viewers' thoughts.

That was one of the moving scenes I saw in BattleStar Galactica. Though I forgot to tell you any fun and heart pumping scenes from seasons 1 and 2, one of these days I think I will.

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