Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol 8 and I am too late to post.

It has been a week since American Idol has started. The last AI was really amazing and both men were really talented but sad to note my bet did not win. Hehehehe. Actually, my bet then was Ayesha Mercado but had some not so great performances that could displace the two Davids and so she was voted out.

American Idol is super fun during the auditions where you would see the corky looking, not so talented individuals, some are even freaks, and a few of those who really have real talents. It would be even more exciting during the AI processes of selecting the final 24 then to 12 etc., going to the top 2 then the ultimate or grand champion of the AI search.

Too bad I am so so late already in blogging about this show which I have been following since the previous seasons. Right now they have a new judge and it's Karah DioGuardi. I just think that the judges' table is getting crowded though another personality is a welcoming idea as well.

Here in Singapore, American Idol is show every week's Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM for one hour. I am so excited for the next stops of the AI auditions and so far there have been promising talents.

Hope to see some Filipinos joining this time like the last season of AI, they had Ramiele Malubay. She was not that impressive but nevertheless pulled it through to the top 12.

Anyway, got to sign off already. Need to get a good sleep as my muscles ache :D