Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nuffnang Membership

Right now, I am an official member of Nuffnang Singapore.

I think this is going to be fun with this new affiliation. I can reach a new audience where I can share my thoughts - joys and angst. I feel that it's going to be really exciting as well. Hope I will be an active member :D

Hope I can get someone to sponsor my blogs so that I can own a site of my own - wishful thinking, because of this new membership. Blogger is a cool web blog utility and community but I am also hoping to have one that I can call my own. I guess it's what most bloggers would want.

Good luck to this new membership. Thanks to Nuffnang Singapore!


Cashmere said...

Welcome to the Nuffnang club! Tell me how you think about it later on alright? I've been using Nuffnang for a few months now and I think it sucks.. But tell me how are things on ur side.. I hope to change some things.. :)

p/s: Don't forget to watch the Chingay Parade today..

xgenesis007 said...

Oh really. Yeah I will quite observe how this membership goes.