Sunday, January 18, 2009

Punggol and China Town Part Two, Slingers versus Ginebra San Miguel and My Food Allergy

The title says it all. That's how I spent my weekend with friends and co-leagues.

Last Friday, dawn, I had a chat with Mamul and we decided to see a basketball match between Singapore Slingers and Ginebra Team from the Philippines. Good thing, I have an email from and instead of paying 18 SG dollars, we had to pay 11 SG dollars for each ticket.

Last Friday, after work, Olga, Agnes and I went to Tiong Bahru to buy our tickets from the Sistic ticket outlet, but, it was close already so we just decided to buy the tickets the next day. We went to Kopitiam for dinner.

Saturday came and since I had to go to Fitness First on that day, it was Olga who went to IMM to buy the tickets. She paid the tickets for us but they weren't for free. Hehehehe.

After my gym, I came home really tired and hungry so I went to bed and after an hour Olga came so I had to wake up already. I went to the shower room for another hot bath and prepared for the Punggol trip. I brought with me some clothes and a mickey mouse fleece blanket. Agnes by the way, is already living with Mamul. Her boyfriend also went to Mamul's place and they have prepared something.

I was hungry and told Mamul that I want to eat. Hehehehe. She actually cooked rice for everyone so I was really planning to eat once I arrived to their place. I don't know what they have prepared and it was a little exciting getting their already.

After an hour of MRT ride, at long last Olga and I arrived on a desired time. We set our things at Mamul's room and also, I went to the dining table and Mamul has prepared the food. Christian, Agnes' boyfriend and I ate together of course with Agnes. The food to my surprise was cooked by Christian though I did know the name of the recipe, I still ate. I was hungry as in uber hungry after the trip. Thanks to Christian and to Mamul.

After we ate, we need to go to the Singapore Stadium earlier like an hour before the game because it's far from the stadium. We arrived at the stadium and the game has started already. The first half quarter of the game has just finished and the score was, Ginebra at 23 and the Slingers leading the game at 27. During the second quarter, team Ginebra was in deep shit trouble at 10 points lead by Singapore Slingers. Third quarter went on and at the middle of this quarter, team Ginebra was fired up and went to catch the Slingers and the audience went into uproar. My hands were getting hot of the extreme clapping because of the great show of team Ginebra. From two points to steals and random three points and great defense. I don't know what happened but at the fourth quarter and towards the end of the game, they were weirdly dumped with a hefty 30 points which was really unbelievable. It was a dismay and it felt that I have wasted money. Even so, I still had a little fun but not much. Wahahahaha. Everybody loves to win, you know! Hehehehe. It was not the team Ginebra I knew so I felt a little cheated but not to the point of being stupefied. Wahahahaha. So still forgivable but I promised not to watch a game of theirs again not unless it's the SEA Games or Asian Games where some them are to be pooled for the National Team.

After the game, we decided to checkout Chinatown. It was my second time around going to Chinatown. We need to check the last MRT service so we won't have any problems when going home. We checked the Chinatown street shops, mostly window shopping and enjoying the crowd. We found ourselves hungry and it was almost 11PM. So we went to the other side checking the food strip. We saw this Kway Teow stall and ordered this local delicacy I guess. Sumptuous it is! After that late dinner, we decided to go home. Our foot soles were aching and everyone was tired already. And the day's activity was a blast. Upon arriving home and after some minutes, I was soaked in the couch fast asleep.

Sunday came and I woke up late. It was almost 11 AM already. Mamul was already up, as well as Agnes. I was hungry as a beast again. Wahahahha. Oh, have I mentioned that my program at Fitness First was to gain some weight and I did gain 1 kilogram. Well, Mamul had prepared prawns in chili. A simple brunch and yet very delighting to the stomach. We ate while watching Madagascar 2 in Mamul's laptop. A really wonderful time for the four of us. By the way, Christian was not feeling well last Friday and he did not went to Punggol or even Chinatown with us. He was with his friends who were there at the stadium to watch the game as well. After a brunch, I took a hot bath and after that, I noticed that my skin itched. I had some like tiny insect bites. I asked Mamul if she was feeling the same and I even asked if there were mosquitoes in their unit. I was freaked out when the itchiness went intense and they were all over my body. Good thing, Mamul had an anti allergic medicine and she gave me one tablet. My arms and hands began to really itch when we were on the bus. We were actually planning to IKEA at Tampines. So when we arrived there, my hands were blotched read and my arms were having mini maps. Good thing, it did not have to occur in my face though my face was reddish already. I was getting embarrassed of what I was going on. Another great thing is that, nobody knew me and so I just did my window shopping with my friends and we walked from IKEA to Giant. We also tasted the food at IKEA which was not that pricy and to my surprise had a Filipino flavor on it. I enjoyed the fried chicken and the meat balls. After a few hours the itchiness subsided and the swelling and the tightening of my hands were beginning to normalize.

After Olga purchased her bed stuff, Agnes and Mamul went ahead to Giant for groceries while Olga and I went to the bus stop going to Tampines station. We were headed home.


The Muse said...

Sorry I'm so late in posting my has taken me on a few travels as of late...but now that I am able, I certainly wanted to "visit".

Our cottage, The Painted Nest is not abundant in PINK (gasp, I know, LOL) nonetheless the fun continues, as I participated in this past Sat. Pink Posting... :)

Happy to be here tonight and read your post! it sounds as if you all had a fine time, yes? ...

Did you take pictures? :)

xgenesis007 said...

That's pretty fine with me "The Muse".

Yep I just uploaded some of the pics :)