Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Samsung Mobile Hack

I actually bought a new Samsung mobile phone with model number SGH-C160. I bought it so I will not have to switch my two SIM cards I have for Singapore or Philippines for which has made my mobile life complicated.

I got a bargain at 7Eleven and bought this phone for 65SG dollars. I set some settings on the phone like the tones the date and time formats, language and other stuff including the passwords and phone lock system.

This morning, on my way to the bus stop, I turned on my phone and then asked me for the password. For some reason, it is not accepting it. I tried almost all possible combination but failed. I was riding the bus thinking of how to get it unlocked or fixed. Certainly my fault for putting a password on it. My friends told me they don't know how to fix it and that advised me to not have the password.

Anyway, when I arrived at the office, my ever loyal friend Google came to the rescue. I found so many sites about how to unlock and stuff and some did not work and I had no choice so I decided to follow the instructions on resetting the phone.

It says: *2767*FULL# Reset Full EEPR0M (Caution).

Anyway, when the phone has a password (which was the issue), it wont allow you to key in this series of characters. So what I did was turn off my phone and took out the SIM card then turned the phone on. It says that it has no SIM card but then I can type in numbers and can do a call procedure. So I keyed in the characters then press the call button. To my surprise it did a reset. So I turned off the phone, placed the SIM card inside and then powered it up. It prompted the initial screen which was good then it went directly to the settings part like the first time I put in the SIM card. I followed the setup process and went successful. There was one problem though, like everytime I turn-off then turn-on the phone it always bring me to the setup process. The trick was simple. All I had to do was just ignore the setup process and go directly to the phone's menu and look for the time setting and from there do the necessary setup and do the same for other settings that acted weird. Well it has worked for me.

I got my phone back on its track after spending more or less 45 minutes of searching for clues. And it took me an hour or more to build my phone book. But in the end, I was happy about it :)


Cashmere said...

Complicating isn't it?
You could have just dropped by Singtel or any other mobile operator shops.. Nowadays they have promos for new lines.. that can be as cheap as $0. :)

xgenesis007 said...

Really ? It's just ZERo sgd ? Hehehehe.

Anyway no need to worry because my phone is okay right now and its back to its original shape like the first time I bought it.