Saturday, January 3, 2009

My first ever major buys in Singapore

My housemates and I would have wanted to watch a movie, "The Transporter", but then things changed. It was because of a review sent via SMS by one of my housemate's friends. Anyway, the whole plan was they are going to watch, "Twilight" and then "The Transporter". Olga and I will have to watch, "The Transporter" together with my housemates and their friends after they have an eye feast of the "Twilight".

Part of the plan was we are going to purchase a wireless router at IMM but plans has changed and we went to Vivo City.

We went to Vivo City, one of the malls here in the small country of Singapore at around 5 or 6 PM. The mall is very accessible because it sits beside the MRT station, HarbourFront. When we arrived at the mall, there was a mall-wide sale and they were from 10% - 70%. We went to gap to Levis Original where Olga and Analyn bought their tees, then the Guess shop. Since Guess was for girls, I had a chance to checkout a shope beside it called Aldo. My eyes were glued to their display and the prices were really high and some were inexpensive because they were on sale. And one of the item that had my eyes super glued was on this top-sider shoes. Well I called the sales staff and asked for my size which was 39. I was actually looking for the size 4o at first but then they don't have it and so I sticked to my original shoe size and they have it. I was hesitant because the price was really inexpensive and maybe it was just a joke but then in a few minutes I approached the sales guy and asked of the price and it was at 31.50 SG dollars. I was convinced that the shoes was for me and I mean I like the pair so I booked it on my bill.

After that major purchase, we were kind of hungry and so we went to "Food Republic" which was at the last floor of the mall like at the rooftop already. We managed to take some good photo session and that was it. But prior to that, there was this fitness center and so we got inside and inquired about their service and facilities. I am actually planning to be fit and healthy. They have yoga as one of their classes and it's inclusive of their package for 99 SG dollars a month. I got excited of the idea.

It was getting dark and we were hungry so we then proceeded to "Food Republic", a classy food court or hawker. I ordered rice with a slice of pink salmon for 6SG dollars. The food was satisfying except that the served rice was not enough. Olga shared her cooked rice and thanks for her my crave was cured but not totally. I got a hot and spicy sauce so I badly needed something cold to drink but then it will cost me around 2-3 SG dollars so I opted not to buy one and just get a drink from somewhere ... wahahaha ... which I don't even know where.

After that hearty dinner, we got out of "Food Republic" and went to the cinema to check for the schedule. When we arrived at the cinema after getting lost twice we followed the lead of Razel, it struck upon seeing that "Twilight" was not post on the "Now Showing" ad boards. Anyway Razel saw the moving ad screens that "Twilight" was to be shown at 12:20 AM and verified it at the movie counter. Razel decided to call her friends to tell about the schedule while we waited. She then said that it was agreed that they will be going to another mall at Dhoby Ggaut. She invited me or rather us but I replied I won't be going. My reasons are it's getting far and my intention of going to the mall was to check for a router and possibly buy one. After that short conversation, we found 7Eleven and so we decided to buy fruit juices. At last a quencher for just 0.80 SG cents. We then checked for a router in this computer shop beside Samsung's but then they dont have a "Linksys". It was time for Analyn and Razel to go and so we bid good-byes. Olga and I went to this eclectronics store. We found ourselves at the game area where we tried the PSP 3000 series. I am planning to buy one in one of these days. Hehehehehe. They are priced at around 300 - 400 SG dollars depending on the memory. We then proceeded to looking for a computer area and found ourselves trying out the Sony Vaios. They were a bit sleeky yet came with a huge SG sums. Olga is actually planning to buy one so we tried out some of the laptops and Olga went to talk with a sales guy about the laptops. After some 1o minutes of exploring, Olga did not buy the laptop and so then we continued our look for that "Linksys" wireless router. At last we found it at one corner. The wireless router was priced at 69 SG dollars and without hesitation, I got my credit card and paid the price tag. I was overly excited of going home already to set it up myself.

After the purchase, we got out of the electronic shop and went to look for another computer store and check other laptops and we found one. The price was from 999 SG dollars for a Compaq or an Acer but then Olga was looking for a Sony Vaio. Anyway we ended up leaving the store. We had a few strolls and checked some shops. Then we got tired and the store looked like they were closing already, and so then, we left the mall after our last check in a shoe shop.

We arrived at home around 10PM already and I just took my shoes off and then got my laptop and hurried to setting up the router. I was already a little familiar as to how it would be set up because of my first job so everything went smoothly. It was as easy as counting 1-1o and I also have set-up a security for our homepage and as well as the wireless connection. Upon testing everything went well and I began surfing the net and it spelled time to blog again :P


Cashmere said...

Aaah... VAIO-lover.. I just bought my VAIO and had it for slightly over a month now.. It has been good.. I absolutely love it..

Why don't you guys wait for about 2 months and wait for an IT show held 4 times annually here.. A very good time to but IT stuffs as there'll be a whole lot of freebies and discounts. You just missed the last one in November. I bought mine there.. You can check it here :

xgenesis007 said...

I checked your site and thanks for the info :)

Cashmere said...

No prob... Just thought you should know since u guys are planning to buy some.. :)