Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sentosa Singapore that is!

It's been a plan to actually go to Sentosa and indeed the plans were realized yesterday, January 26, 2008.

The plan was to meet at Vivo City at 10AM but then, we woke up late again. So we arrived at our rendezvous at 11 AM. Mamul waited there for around 45 minutes. I guess she is used to us being so late. Hope she won't leave us in our future plans. Anyway, we were hungry when we arrived there since we did not have taken any meal yet. Olga and I found Mamul at level 1 of Vivo and since I was to wait an officemate, I was left there waiting for him near the National Geographic shop. Mamul and Olga proceeded to the "Food Republic", a chain of food shops inside Vivo City. Moren and I went up the top most floor of Vivo City where the "Food Republic" is located to eat as well. Though the food was a bit pricy compared to regular hawkers. Anyway after the meal we had, we need to buy some snacks and as well queue to this very long pile of people going to sentosa. It's like hell and for one thing my allergies were a bit attacking me and they itch but not much.

After the meal, Moren and I went to queue for the tickets and the girls went to the groceries to pick some snacks for us. Wow the queue was a mile long. We stayed like 20 minutes on the queue before we can get our tickets. We were planning to get the package that they have but, the attendant advised us not to because there is a huge crowd and for that we might not get into the rides or attractions in the package. So she advised us to just obeserve first what or how is the place at Sentosa itself and from there decide which attractions to take or what package to checkout. Anyway we got our tickets for the Sentosa Express and directly went to the queue for the Express ride. Well it was fast one and we reached the island very quickly. We had our first stop at the Imbiah Station. We proceeded to the Merlion, Singapore's symbol. We took some pictures with it as a background but we did not go to the Merlion tower itself. We proceeded to other attractions. We were still deciding which to take and were highly considering of going for the package. Well when we checkout some of these attractions, there were just few people crowding to get it so since we were there already, we decided to take the package and we can also save lots of SG dollars if we take the package. Off we go to the counter and decided to take the package.

We went to "Tiger Sky Tower" first and enjoyed the view of Singapore skyline. After this short ride, we proceeded the next attraction in the package but ofcourse I did not allow the fun to escape without capturing the moments. We then went to the "Images of Singapore". We got inside the studio and found ourselves in a short presentation about the hopes of Singapore. We then proceeded to checkout Singapore's history still inside the studio. There details of events culminating the birth of Singapore and some figures of prominent men of the country who have shaped the nation. It's a historical tour of Singapore indeed. After that wonderful tour which was refreshing about Singapore, we went to the next in our list and that's the "Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom". The entrance was still not flooded with tourists and we got inside so easily. We then went to trail the pathways like in a maze. It has displays of insects which were dead and preserved. We then found ourselves in this caged greenery and there were colorful butterflies. As the name of the attraction says, "butterfly" and "insects", to my surprise there were cockatoos - not related to the attraction , logically; but, they had a show which was a little fun so it was very much acceptable. It made the more fun inside because of that. After that, we then proceeded to the "Luge and Sky Ride". This time, the queue was long but not a mile long. When Mamaul got our tickets, we then tried the Luge. It was like a ride from the top of the hill and the earth's gravity was dragging you way down at a speed which can be controlled by the rider through the steering handle just like a bicycle or motor bike. It was a fun ride and I wanted to try it again and it's going to be a hundred times the next time I'll go to Sentosa. After the Luge, next in line was the sky ride and the same thrill was there. Riding in just a seat with less protective gears in an elevated cable is very good. I wanted to try it a lot of times too but the package has it for only one way. All I could do is sigh. But anyway the ride was fun. It was a doze to the human will akin to the spirit. The next on the list was the cable car ride going back to Harbourfront but it's the last thing to do. So we decided to checkout "Song of the Sea". It was on the other side of the island so we decided to take a bus going to Siloso beach and planned to take a tram car going to the attraction itself. When we got there, the tram car is out of service, so we decided to walk. Since we still have time, we watched the sunset and decided to sit at the sands of Siloso beach. After a few minutes of witnessing the glorious sunset, we started picking up ourselves going to the next planned attraction. You understood that we were a little tired already with our feet screaming. We got to the place and found this very huge line and we back out because it seems to be like thousands of people on the queue. We then walk our way to the top of the hill and it's a short-cut going back to the Merlion. We navigated the steeps and at the same time we were in a queue - yes still a queue, you read it right. We decided to call it a day and went to the cable car station which was on the top hill. And when we arrived there, we were greeted by a new pack of peoples. It was the last ride and we just talked and talked to enjoy ourselves. Before we could get to our ride, there was this picture taking and I was having a hard time even making a fake smile - we were just exhausted already. I noticed everyone just wanted to go home. But when we had the cable car ride, it was refreshing again! It would have been great if we had it in the daylight - it was already dark at that time. Though the skyline was good for the sight but I think I would love it in the morning.

That was our Sentosa adventure and too bad Agnes was not with us. Anyway, there is still another time to have fun at Sentosa.


~ay-ay~ said...

wow!! such a wonderful experience...

you guys are doing pretty well, work and pleasure! :)

xgenesis007 said...

Hehehehe :D Yep.

xgenesis007 said...

Anyway sayang because Agnes was not with us :)