Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I miss Java so much !

It's not the coffee and by a fact I shouldn't be drinking one because of my hypertension.

I am missing Java the programming language that I have sworn to love. Right now, my project with my new company is going to use C++ and I don't how else or where else can I code or program in Java. It is a very challenging project and a very difficult one. Aside from the fact that I have been programming in Java for two years, my knowledge in C++ is not that huge. I am crossing my fingers actually to make it through this hard times in my career and I believe I can make it.

Well this hopeful torch is not going to remedy my want or maybe need to program in Java and so I am considering the idea of joining the q4e project. This was the project that I had with Exist Global which I stopped after I resigned. Anyway its in Java and if I don't get to program in Java ever again then I have to go pursue this idea and give back to the open source community. I hope the people who are managing this project would be still cool enough to accept me. Well it needs my time so I need to balance it as well. But my craving to code in Java has to be remedied as well so I will be in this cross croad again. Ciao!


Cashmere said...

I love Java too! lol..
Only that I'm not great with it..
Maybe one day you can teach me C++?
I know nuts about that language.. Haha! ;P

Btw, I have an award for you.. I hope you'll grab it. :)

The Muse said...

oh no...that's too bad..
I like Java as well. Maybe they will reconsider... !

xgenesis007 said...

Sure cashmere and the first session is free and the next one would have to be a per hour rate. hehehehehe :P

I think they are evaluating me on how far and fast can I learn c/c++. So I think I better prove it to myself and to them.

Thanks guys for dropping by :D

The Muse said...

Sure thing, about stopping by your blog:)

I hope you are feeling comfortable at the new job :)

xgenesis007 said...

I am getting the hang of it already and looking forward for this exciting project which I will be in. It's very technical and very difficult - indeed I felt challenged by it.