Saturday, January 24, 2009

Johor Bahru Malaysia Adventure

Malaysia would be the second country that I have visited. I was not expecting so much from it since it was not a resort or even a vacation of some sort. It just so happened that Johor Bahru is very close to Singapore.

The plan was we need to be at Woodlands Singapore by 10AM but I wake up at around 8:30 and needed to do the morning rituals. After the morning rituals, I knocked at Olga's door but then she seemed to be still asleep. Anyway I think she was not coming so asked her again and she said that she was not coming anymore. So I left the house and I know that I was late already. I even forgot to take my medication so I need to go back to our unit which was at the 6th floor and this time I was running already. After taking in my medication, I was already sending an SMS to Mamul about where I was already.

I was having some dilemma on what route to take. I was not sure, so I took the MRT going to Raffles for an interchange going to Woodlands. There was a better route and that was going to Jurong East. Anyway, one of the reason that I took the longer route was I haven't been there and wanted to pass by at Yishun where a friend lives. Anyway, I was still at Orchard when the clock struck at 10:10 AM more or less. Mamul sent a message that her friends, whom I was not introduced yet, decided to go ahead. So I thought maybe they were becoming furious or impatient already about me being late and Mamul must have been a little worried already and ashamed. Anyway I was there already so I needed to just go on. I arrived at the Woodlands station at around 10:45AM and I was exchanging SMS with Mamul throughout my trip. Mamul was there at the exit of the station waiting and I was already running in going down. We were walking briskly. There was a long queue already waiting for the bus 950 at the interchange. Luckily when the bus arrived we were able to hop in and rode with comfort as there were still seats available for us. The trip was smooth and we came to the checkpoint for our exit here in Singapore. Everything went good for us also when we had our entry to Malaysia's Immigration. There was not much time to go arond the city so we headed directly to the mall as that was the initial plan. We went to City Mall that was. Since we arrived there at around quarter to 1PM, we directly spotted for a resto cafe. I ordered a spicy chicken with black pepper, a mango mousse, and a glass of mango with watermelon juice. They were delicious. Mamul had meat balls and a chicken salad. Since I had my order coming in late, Mamul shared to me the meat balls. My new acquaintances ordered spaghetti with white sauce, salmon with rice and lasagna. I cannot remember everything as I was minding my own meal. After lunch, we checked some shops and I bought three books written by Stephen King. This is going to be an exciting read :D After we hit some of the shops on the third level, we went to the cinema and check for a movie to watch. We decided to watch "InkHeart" which sounds interesting but personally I would have chosen "The Underworld". Anyway after we have purchased the movie tickets, we went down and check some more shops. I actually bought a ring for my thumb and when I turned around, my companions were not around already. They're gone! Wahahaha. I did not mind it too much because I know we will see each other or meet at the moview house, so I just went around and check more shops. I also watched the stage show for the coming lunar new year. After the show, I went to the cinema since it was like 20 minutes before the show will start. I just waited there for Mamul and her friends arrive. Well I wasn't mistaken and they arrived and told me that Mamul was gonna cry already because I was lost. Hehehehehe. I just said sorry to Mamul for making her worried. Anyway the movie started already. I was enjoying it a bit and there were interesting characters. Just an average movie though but I can be entertained so easily with some witty conversations. I so liked Eleanor :) After the movie, I need to go back to the ticket counter because I left my camera. After that, I had to look for the group. Then I went to the CR and noticed that there were people smoking there. It's very unbecoming of these people. Anyway, I did not have to resort to complaining to an officer so I just went ahead and confirmed what my group mates were talking about. After that, the group decided to eat again. I had no money already and Mamul spared some of her Ringgits. Too bad it's not for free. After we ate, which I find not so okay by the way because of the drink I ordered (hehehehe), we decided to call it a day and we went home bound for Singapore.

It was I think fun all in all. I was thinking of even going back there some other time.


Sara said...

Malaysia...So Jealous!

xgenesis007 said...

Don't be :) You will have your nice trips as well :D