Monday, January 5, 2009

I have enrolled at Fitness First

I have been wanting to join a fitness club or something and today I have decided.

Fusionopolis is about 5-8 minutes walk from the office. So I searched online of what fitness club was in that building since I've heard that there is a fitness gym there. So I then found out that its Fitness First. After office hours, Olga and I decided to go to this gym and check things for ourselves. It was located at the north wing of the build and is at the 23rd floor. We got to the reception and check their pamphlets. After checking the available services I had to check with the receptionist as to the price of their services. The staff had me sign a log form then requested me to sit at their available guest area. While waiting, I got to see the place from the outside and it was a great view of the area. Well after a minute or two of waiting, another staff approached us and she introduced herself as Azlina. She then began the tour and guide us to the second floor where main facility was located. Then she showed us the yoga room. Well it was kind of exciting to try yoga. After the yoga room, she showed us the third floor which was the rooftop already and it has the swimming pool. After the pool area, we went down to the second floor then checked the looker and changing area. After that, she showed us the stretching area then the cycling area. It wasn't spacious but it was really clean. After the whole tour, Azlani had to talk to us about the dues and stuff. Well, good enough since we come from Gemalto and they have this promo and the fees were waived. Basically, I did not have to pay the membership fee, the Admin fee stayed the same and the monthly due was also slashed. Well I will be paying only 98SG dollars a month which is more or less the same in the Philippines. So I was convinced and I signed up. They gave me a back-pack, a headphone then a face towel. They also gave me a 14day free of charge use of the facilities. I just thought again that its a good thing to invest in my health and stuff.

I'm so excited to start my first gym day! Hurray I'm gonna dance and flex my body and then tone my muscles and become more fit.


Cashmere said...

LOL! Great that you signed up already.. California Fitness has been bugging me to join their club but I just have no time to spare for exercise.. I know it's bad but well... I'll prolly drag myself there in a few months time.. :) Anyway, enjoy your healthy exercises!

The Muse said...

well good for you, moreover I think it is great that you are so upbeat and excited!

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Such a healthy way to start the New year!! Hurray for you!! We can hear your excitement through your words and are very excited for you. We will be trying Yoga this year, too.
Cheers to a Healthy and Happy 2009!!

Many Blessings....
Roxanne and Hugo
~ Believe Achieve ~

Sadia Hussain said...

A very good beginning and transit to 2009. Your excitement might get contagious.Take care.

lorna said...

Hi. Would happen to know you which Fitness First branch is nearest Sentosa? And, when you sign up, is it a passport membership that allows you to workout in any branch except for the Platinum branches?

Thanks so much!

xgenesis007 said...

Hi Lorna,

Great to hear that you are planning to get fit.

Anyway, I do not really know which one is nearest to Sentosa but they a branch in 1 Raffles Quay at One Raffles Quay and they have also in Millenia Walk at 9 Raffles Boulevard, they have one at Fusionopolis Buona Vista ....

For the membership type, if you have a passport membership, this means that you can use any FF in any country which are not Platinum or Gold. For Platinum or Gold, you are automatically a passport member as well. Basically, FF has like 4 types, the blue which is the regular one, express, platinum and gold memberships.

I hope I have answered your queries and the best thing that you can do is call them or visit their site: