Friday, October 3, 2008

Your heart speaks

I want to listen what my heart speaks to me

To make me feel that I am free once again,

And take me, far away from this insolence

Beyond the distant solitude - lovely home,

Beyond the crevice of the lips that are bold.

Bring to me more life and then give it meaning.

This is how I believed simplistic beauty.

That's to endure the time that challenges me.

If there are more words from the heart, utter them

Let me hear them, savor from the only truth,

I believed in them long before they were told.

But how can something that is not real, exists?

The shape of things that are from rote memory,

May not be real but are truths within myself.

I can't further argue nor give a harangue

Because this is an abstraction of beauty.

Where love creeps and soothes, not just your eyes or veins

But to the soul or mind, not just your being.

One can not fully grasp up until it calls,

The swaying chimes and the harmony in dawn

Are two of glorious music to deeply know.

If you have heard them, then listen to your heart!

It tells more than you can imagine your life.

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