Friday, August 29, 2008

Work Tell-Tale

At last the build was done! Thank God the coding and stuff paid off just this 7:55PM. The reservation handler and the HTTP connection that I was coding were generating configuration files correctly through the XDoclets. You see I have been battling with the AIG Insurance booking for 5 days, sweating with the XSD schema for 3 days - JAXB at first seemed to me really unfriendly, and to top it all, been having issues with the HTTP connection. Today August 29, 2008 is really special, because at long last, the build and the configuration were okay now.

What pisses me off a little was my boss was always like checking on me every now and then trying to push me around. I don't know what was he trying to do but he is already bugging me. Well what I did was I emailed him of what are the things I have done so far including 2 days ago. Below is the content of my email and I quote:

"Me I know if there is any other information like DB configuration needed for POS connection? The email you have forwarded from Alan Giles was right in mentioning that it lacked some information. I have checked the projects mentioned and just based my codes there. I have actually made the Connection Project for AIG and it is project 00006724 and it was already tagged in PROJECT_TDP_1_3_1_LAND_BRANCH. I would like to finish this up so I can finish also the unit test smoothly. Also I have made the base class for my unit tests which will be useful for handlers in reservation and shopping as well. It has with it the marshalling and un-marshaling code used in a JAXB instance as well as logging xml object which uses JAXB. I have also created my initial unit tests but haven’t wired it in my code because it will be a double work if I will proceed without the connection. Though I can opt to do functional unit testing but our project does not do that.

Things to do will be the following
Commit codes that I have in 6713 and 6714.
Continue the work on the connection
Continue to read the use case doc.
Add unit test items

I emailed you just to give you an update of what I have done so far and the things I have planned to do."

I don't know but it feels like I was in a prison cell during the Spanish era and he was acting like the Guadia Civil - walking to and fro. Oh I missed Exist Global, hehehehe.... Well he should be thankful for the simple reason that I have finished the tasks well ahead of schedule already.

I do hope I have explained myself to him well and hope he understood me well.

Anyway I have committed the 00006713(xsd schema) project updates to our CVS, but not the 00006714(handlers) as it goes with the HTTP Connection Project and some web like configurations. I think everything will be ready by Monday(crossing my fingers). I need to go somewhere and chill, though the office is really like cold but it’s suffocating.


xgenesis007 said...

Makalagot siya usahay sigi agi check on me. Everyday kaya mi mag meeting like every morning para sa mga tasks and updates. Wala lang :D

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xgenesis007 said...

Thanks Dino, I checked your site and your photographs were awesome.