Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you one of the Hobbits?

I am not a Hobbit but I was once a mudblood at Hogwarts.

Anyway, I was able to track all of the LOTR movies like watched them over, and over and over. I bought the trilogy cd and enjoyed it during Halloween, Christmas and New Year, all year round. I think the story is great but did not have cash to buy the novels as there were no paper back issues or at least I haven't seen one. The glossy hardbound issues are really expensive for me. Hope someone can give me an LOTR book, at least one book, so I can kick-off my collection and not just the movies.

In the LOTR movie, one great animation is of Smiggle. I find the character scary yet adorable. The friendship of Frodo to that of Sam. Arwen and Aragorn's love - so great. The great battles and the likes were truly amazing. The sage knowledge of Gandalf. The scary looking creatures of the Orc race. And the happy race of the Hobbits. Thanks to master Tolkien for this great cranial juicers.

Why I write about the Hobbits? Hmmm... It's holloweird! All Soul's and Saint's day is coming and I am planning to watch the trilogy again. I am also planning to watch my matrix movie collections and whole lot more.

And oh, smiggle would make a good Halloween costume. "Precious, precious, precious ...."


Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

I enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, too. I found Smiggle to be a little scary but his character is surely a reminder of what happens to people who get swallowed up in greed's darkness.

Also, a fan of the Matrix. Good picks for Halloween.

Many Blessings....Roxanne and Hugo

P.S. The collection is available on paperback. I've seen it in bookstores. Try Amazon.com , I bet you could find a good deal there, too.

xgenesis007 said...

Hope everyone will not end up like Smiggle.

Sure thing I will check it on Amazon but I really need a good bargain because I have limited funds :)

Cheers to you Roxanne and Hugo!

wen said...

haha i always enjoy your posts - always vibrant. :)

sorry for the late visit, xgenesis! :) you have 5 new entries since my last visit! hehe i also love the matrix, harry potter, and LOTR. have you seen eragon?

Smiggle's character is quite scary, i agree. :) and you're right, he'd make a good Halloween costume. Speaking of costumes, I saw a lot of Jokers today. Heath Ledger's acting made a huge impact on the Halloween scene.. but that's off topic. hehe happy halloween!

xgenesis007 said...

@@ wen

Don't be sorry and yes I have seen eragon but I did not like much the movie. I have actually read the three books from C. Paolini and I think I had higher expectations.

Happy halloween too.