Thursday, October 30, 2008

My new blogspot niche

I was thinking of making a new blogspot niche. I just thought that separating or making a new site where I can publish poems or other literary pieces will be a good thing for me so as not to make a mess of this site. It would make sense to make a site just for my personal stuff and a site exclusively for my poems and other's poems. In this way things will be clearer. I was battling it out for a couple of weeks already and now I have decided to make this a reality. Thanks to Miss Angie Atkinson for making me realize this. I was actually checking on my old posts and this one: was something for me. I am used to writing poems so it's better to have a site dedicated for this purpose. Again this site will contain my poems and the poems of other's I have read which I think worthy to be shared.

By the way my new blogspot niche exclusive for poems and other literary pieces will be:

Hope you guys can visit this new site of mine.

I am now in the process of transferring my poems in but I won't be deleting them here. It will just stay as it is. New entries which will be categorized as poems and other literary pieces will be in and other articles such as my critics, my life, my musings and other related materials will stay in

Happy blogging day to everyone and enjoy life :D


jules said...

wow galing naman. :) cge tingnan ko. =D

Sara Abdel Azim said...

thanks for the hop! ^^

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Isn't Angie the greatest!?! We adore her and her writing!!

We'll be sure to check out your new site!!

Many Blessings....Roxanne and Hugo Believe Achieve

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

P.S. Be sure to stop by our blog. We have something special for you!!

MarcoPaolo said...

good morning... wala akong nakita chatbox sa site mo so, i decided to message u here.

thanks sa pagdaan.. :)

xgenesis007 said...


Thanks for checking it out.

xgenesis007 said...


Thanks for the hop.

xgenesis007 said...

@@ hugo and roxanne

Yeah Angie is great. She made me realize and re affirmed some of my beliefs.

I'll visit your site :D

xgenesis007 said...


You're welcome marco :D

wen said...

visited the new site. congratulations!! =)

xgenesis007 said...


Thanks for taking the time in checking my new site :)